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Questions and Answers: Can aliens be contacted with a Ouija board?

Questions and Answers

Can aliens be contacted with a Ouija board?

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I read on your site about the "alien war." That also brought up more things. I was messing with a Ouija board once and found out that I am able to contact ET's through the Ouija board. The Ouija is used through your subconscious. That is what makes it move. And since ET's communicate telepathically...that is how it will be done. I was communicating with an entity supposedly name "Xenal." He/She told me that I was to represent an interplanetary confederation.

He/She told me a bit about the government and its conspiracies. What made me think that it was an ET also was that he/she did NOT want me to communicate with it through the Ouija board. Emphasizing NOT. I was able to communicate with him 4 times with it, the third and fourth times being the hardest since I sensed some displeasement on his/her part that I used the Ouija. I asked him/her then, "How will I contact you in the future?" All he/she replied was, "You know" and then it stopped. I never spoke to him/her through the board again. Any comments on this experience?


Your question is a reminder of a woman named Mia, who wrote a book about her alien Ouija board lover. The book is under Book Review: The Excyles. While many people believe Ouija boards open up a door to the dark side of demons and spirits, the boards are popular among young women wanting to ask questions about romance.

So, did you use the Ouija board alone or with a friend? If with a friend, what experience(s) has your friend had with ET's? Ouija boards have so many environmental factors, that it is impossible to say at what point the Ouija board is valid for one person and not for another. As with Tarot cards or crystals, their primary role is to serve as a focal point of meditation to help you concentrate. In that respect, a Ouija board can simulate a very light meditative state. But you may find it is easier to probe buried information through your dreams or flashback memories.

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