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Alien Abduction
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Donald Worley: Sara from Michigan Case Report

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Sara from Michigan Case Report

Mr. Donald Worley asked Sara to describe her alien contact with shadow figures of white faces and dark glasses and what kind of autos they drove.

Sara explained, "Most of the people (aliens) I saw were male, and on occasion, female. All the males wore what looked like expensive suits. The females would be dressed very business-like. They were all very non-descript. Does that make sense? Like nothing was so amazing that you would remember . . .like beautiful hair, etc. All the vehicles were very fancy as well, Jaguars, Mercedes, Rolls Royce."

"I have a repeated memory of a white limo with tinted windows that I see from time to time and can never see the driver. The plates are sometimes personalized and never from the state I am currently in. Today's sighting was a black Mercedes with Ohio license plate that was 'HiOfcer.' My husband thought it was funny. I am not worried or upset, in fact quite the opposite, for once I feel like I am not crazy. I will try to get one more part out to you today before you leave. Thanks for your help so far.

--Sara from Michigan


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Donald explained to Sara: Things are just not as bad as they seem to you. You have got to shake off the fear. Remember your shadowy pals are not in this physical dimension. In reality they are powerless unless they cross over into this dimension and they are not doing that. And even then, they are not destructive, only frightening. So please get a grip on yourself and go on with normal life ignoring them both in your actions they see and in your own mind. This means not thinking about them at all.

Sara explained to Donald: It seems the more I try to ignore them, the more obvious they get. I am going to go back to pretending that I don't see them and see what develops. They pretend I am not there when I do confront them, so I guess I should do the same. Why would they hound me like this? Do you think it could be someone from my past doing this to me just to be a prick? I have an enemy whom I told way too much to when we were friends. How could I go about finding out if this stems from that psycho ex-friend of mine?

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