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Donald Worley: Examining the Mystery of the Para-Apes Part #1

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Examining the Mystery of the Para-Apes Part #1

Due to anticipated interest in this UFO linked phenomenon, this research data has been featured ahead of the next scheduled topic.

We shall take a limited look at where these hulking ape man-like entities are seen, their physical and emotional nature, the UFO link, and dimensional telepathic factor.

Let me make it clear at the outset, I do not intend to ridicule, the legions of Sasquatch / Big Foot investigators, all their efforts, data, and cellars full of plaster foot-casts. Maybe there are two distinct types of entities but frankly I doubt it. I believe they are the controlled creations of alien intelligence.

As we venture into these dark murky regions you may begin to understand why I have this conviction.


Their density is proportional to the encroachment of humanity. On a global scale, by location they are called Dhzutheh, Gulivavan, Almasty, Mapinguany, Yowee, Sasquatch, Big Foot, Might Mo, Old Slue Foot and other names.

To simplify it, all I will call them para-apes. I have listed their widespread geographical dispersal because I want to point out that despite hundreds of thousands of incidents since the 1800's, not one hairy being has ever been delivered to a laboratory for scientific surgical confirmation.

This is one valid indication that we are not here dealing with a flesh and blood thing. In my analysis delivered at Dr. Hynek's 1976 International Conference in Evanston, Illinois (234 reports, 602 witnesses, 266 para-apes) my data clearly supports the conclusions I have reached.

The members of a large religious group in the Western Canadian Provinces and Northern Europe are quite familiar with them. They call them the "in-betweeners" because of their ability to appear and vanish at will. In what may have been the largest sighting of one, 14 tourists in Florida's Holliday Park, watched as a para-ape walked a 40 foot half circle around them and disappear over a dyke.


On my list I have notations like- crashed out of shed, shook auto or camper 11 cases, ran carrying pig, lifted calf overhead, pulled loose power wires, tore Florida security guards shirt, etc. I have no record of a human being hurt by a para-ape.

At Roachdale, Indiana some three dozen people encountered the huge red-eyed beast over a period of 7 weeks. It all started after a luminous light came down and silently blew up over a cornfield next to Lou Rodgers' home. This being could run over mud and not leave a track. Sometimes you could see through it. It ripped apart 170 chickens and on one occasion several gunners poured a volley of shots at it with no effect.

In contrast at Galveston, Indiana a sitting fisherman had an entity put its hand on his shoulder in the twilight. When he jumped up at seeing the tall specter it leaped and ran off.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

The fisherman ran after it keeping a safe distance and heard its feet slap the blacktop of the bridge. It ran into high weeds and an orange glowing light mounted into the sky from there.

There are four episodes in which our strange ape lifted a person. One was engineer Charles Buchanan, near Hurst, Texas. He was hoisted aloft sleeping bag and all. Then the  para-ape dropped him to pick up a bag of barbequed chicken, wolfed it down, and lumbered off. The fact that the para-apes have been hit by so much hot lead with no effect is important in our understanding of the transitory state of their presence on the earthly plane. I record 26 such instances. When hit, the para-ape may swat like swatting at a fly, or some have screamed and run.

At Uniontown, Pennsylvanie, a woman fired from six feet away at one that had its hands up but was approaching. The blast into its midsection from a 16-gauge shotgun caused it to vanish in a flash of light.

The following case is an epic when it comes to gunfire. Four glowing oil tank-sized UFOs were part of this. As they hovered over the distant tree line they projected light beams and the para-apes appeared on the ground in them.

By June the intrusion of the giant black forms with glowing red eyes had become menacing. The desperate farmer and his brother strung barbed wire around the house and took refuge on the roof. From this vantage point they began to fire at the beings with a rifle and 12-gauge shotgun. In one week they used more than $120 worth of shells and had only bruised shoulders to show for it.

One night two para-apes moved nearer by the barn. Ray Davis, the farmer, tried to talk to them and gave them five minutes to come out in the open. The time passed in silence and the men opened up close range. Davis used a 12-gauge Moss burg with pumpkin ball shells, and was sure he didn't miss. The fusilage sent the creatures in screaming retreat. In the morning nothing but bullet holes were found.

Newsmen and Lawmen had been called but when they were there nothing happened, so they went away in disbelief. During the summer a number of outside investigators did experience the phenomena. In the end the sheer terror it all caused the couple involved to divorce and move away. End of part 1.

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