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Donald Worley: Examining the Mystery of the Para-Apes Part #2

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Examining the Mystery of the Para-Apes Part #2

The UFO-link percentage was the highest in my research data. I know this finding was affected by the fact that I excluded reports from the three west coast states, southern California excepted.

We know that reports from there are often of black furred types with normal eyes and no known UFO linkage. I think of these as a more settled in form of the para-apes but still having the same alien masters.

In some UFO-link cases we also have the sound of turbine-like machinery running underground. Fire Control Officer Bill Vogel, in the Yakima Indian Reservation of Washington State, reported intense UFO activity and the sounds in the isolated back canyons.

It was the same with another investigator named Ken Hunt, an ex-California law officer, in his area situated south toward the Columbia River. Here too, were UFOs and the underground mining sounds. After 10 years of para-apes and UFOs the ranch horses finally ceased to panic.

In the New Jersey counties of Morrison, Warren, Hunteston, and Sussex, at least 60 persons saw the ape entities along with ruby-red UFOs and triangular craft. The sounds were there, too.

In Sangus, California on the Santa Clarita ranch, UFOs were active and several para-apes were seen wearing glowing blue belts.

There are abductee cases in which the para-apes are seen inside the UFO or in facilities that seem like an underground base. One of my Louisiana abductees described the types of aliens she had seen in what she called an under river base. She casually mentioned that a friend of the aliens, a red eyed ape, was there also. This information from her was spontaneous for I had not mentioned anything about any apes.

The UFO-para-ape link is undeniable in the following classic case. Joe Butler and Elmer Grant were fishing on Moqdor Reservoir near Kent, Ohio, when a large orange sphere began to send a yellow beam to the ground. Joe flashed his light at it. Much to his chagrin, it soon arrived overhead and paralyzed him with its beam. In less than a minute, he thought it released him and he dived in the door of his tent.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Joe then watched in amazement as his companion was transfixed in the beam then released. The two then cowered in the tent as an orange glow flooded the area. The thing overhead emitted a "whoo whoo" sound then departed. The men were no longer acting normally for they went back to the lake to catfish and only joked about what had happened.

When a big hunched  over, long armed beast began to rush at them through the woods, they reverted to normal behavior again. Joe fired six pistol shots at it and they rushed to the tent. Now they were like trapped animals in an orange glow and it sounded like the para-ape was beating sticks together.

Their frantic rush down the trail with Elmer hanging on to Joe's shirttail ended in success. At home they were in for a shock. Their faces were red and swollen. They became nauseated, had runny bowels, syrupy-yellow urine, dehydration, exhaustion and depression.

The most surprising thing was in their dreams where they again met para-apes from the ground. Only this time they were quite intelligent. Each of them spent time in a padded captain's chair opposite a para-ape who questioned them in detail on some aspects of para-ape / human relations. The men lost an hour and a half but could not believe that all they dreamed happened in less than a minute in the beam. End of part 2.

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