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Donald Worley: Examining the Mystery of the Para-Apes Part #3

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Donald Worley: Examining the Mystery of the Para-Apes Part #3

In the incredible West Jefferson, Ohio events, it is also very apparent that the entities and the UFOs are connected. A large silent triangular area encompassing Big Darby Creek seemed to come into being when the giant red-eyed apes began to appear.

It all started when a curious, nervy woman named Pat Evans found a footprint near her slashed trash bags, and decided to put out greasy bacon just to see what happened. Thus began the amazing saga of "The Lady ho Fed Big Foot." One Big Foot became three and they began to venture beyond their usual haunts in the creek valley.

Pat's friends from Columbus and West Jefferson would come at night and watch from her darkened home. Pat said, "Them suckers was big! Tall enough they would burn the tops of my redbud trees. My whole front yard was burned up by these things. Anything they touched died. You couldn't believe it. They ruined my beautiful yard."

As you have guessed, Pat's curiosity and boldness had gotten her into deep trouble. Meanwhile other strange things appeared in the triangle. The red glowing "something out of mythology," half-horse half-man was one. It had a pointed head and ears, fiery slanted eyes, a beard, and skinny wings. The horrifying apparition moved across the yard on long cloven feet leaving hoof prints in the snow.

Even more mind-boggling was the brilliant orange balloon that swooped down by the back door of the house one nice summer morning. It seemed to deliberately go slowly, so that Pat and her husband ended up within touching distance of it. The basket of the balloon had three man-like figures in it.

One man-like figure had on a black suit and the other two wore heavy black jackets with fur on them. The gentleman in the suit said with a very English accent, "And a good morning to you, too."

Then the basket rose rapidly up and out of sight. After 18 months, the silent triangle again became alive with normal night creature sounds and the para-apes never returned. This was right after the night that a giant UFO had settled down into the creek valley and disappeared by morning.


Some persons have reported dimensional awareness and telepathic contact with the para-apes. David Parker (B.A. and M.S. degrees) had spent 32 years in Sasquatch research when I came in contact with him. His exploration treks had taken him to mountainous areas on three continents.

Parker had read some of my articles telling of the para-ape UFO inter-dimensional link and he held me in angry contempt. He believed I was writing sensationalized fiction to make money. I was on a trek into the wilderness of a Wisconsin Indian Reservation when he got the shock of his life.

Parker's months alone in the wilderness had finally paid off, but it discombobulated him for it refuted much of the earthly science in which he was steeped. On the reservation both those he called the ET and the para-apes that he had sought zeroed in on him via mental telepathy.

In the years that followed, Parker can count at least 300 Big Foot episodes and 100 ET experiences. In these, there have been important physical experience, too. I have his letter of apology here beside me regarding his former attitude about me.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Parker's benevolent ET's have told him that past lives are all one life. We merely weave in and out of dimensions, a single soul dictating our free will and directs to the positive or negative side of each sub-life that is only a small part of the whole.

Sue Jones is a rural Indiana woman who has been abducted often. She had a special relationship through the years with a Gray she calls Zanna. As a child on the craft she was told there were some special friends who wanted to meet her. Thus, began intimate contact between Sue and the para-apes she calls Teluke and Teleel.

Sue's friends could shift into her dimension and she could sense them in their dimension. This wondrous ability acquired from the aliens permitted her to even perceive deceased humans in the other dimension. Also on one occasion when she played her flute she saw "Wood Sprites" down in the forest, and a little "Brownie" came and sat on the cross piece of her yard swing.

It is Sue's adventures with her Sasquatch friends on her father-in-law's farm that are fascinating. Sue would spend a lot of time away from the farmhouse out in the pasture and woods supposedly playing with imaginary friends. Teluke had expressed the desire to ride her horse. Of course the horse did not want any part of this. However, one day Sue managed to accomplish this feat. It took patience and restraint, plus a blindfold, and her horses's nose smeared liberally with Vicks salve.

Perhaps we should listen to what Sue tells us about her para-ape friends. In their duel existence on this planet they said they were here eons before us who are temporarily frozen in flesh. This very destructive life form developed and has now overspread Earth and is now rapidly despoiling this beautiful blue and green planet that is also the abode of the para-apes. See below. Informational postscript added for the cable TV viewers. In the Nulltown, Indiana case, the lady who fired the 38 pistol shots into the para-ape case was an abductee.

On two different occasions she was visited by a domed disc but of course recalls nothing so far as I heard. I chose not to reveal what happened. Ex-sheriff Jim Caldwell also said that her large husky dog had a large limb driven into its chest and 3/4 of the way through its body. Also some cows in the area were mutilated. He wasn't sure since it's been years ago but he believed their hearts were torn out of them. End of Para-ape series.

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