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Donald Worley: Abductee Electron Distortion Power

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Abductee Electron Distortion Power

Alien abductees have the eerie ability to affect a variety of EMF devices such as lights, TVs, Computers etc. It is very puzzling why an unknown percentage of abductees have this ability. We will look at some interesting cases containing this phenomena, discuss them, and try to reach some kind of tentative conclusion.

In my Salisbury, Maryland USA case, Peggy excelled at fowling up electrical devices. Let me tell you of her supreme act with this unique power. She was visiting in an Atlantic City N.J. USA casino and when she walked by a row of slot machines they all began to disgorge coins. The silver cascade delighted the patrons at the machines and threw the casino management into confusion.

Peggy got in touch with me and begged for my help because of her harrowing experiences with unwanted nighttime visitors. Let me create the true picture for you in her own words.

Peggy said, "For as long as I can remember, I have had these strange experiences with beings that are not entirely human. I say that because I don't know what they are. I have seen many different types in a variety of shapes and sizes. They include the gray standard ones, tall blonde haired humanoid ones , short humanoid children, tall ones all in black."

Peggy continued, "The tall ones appear to have leathery faces which are almost Preying Mantis in appearance. These last ones concern me the most. They float over surfaces and keep their arms to their sides. The most disturbing thing is they stop 4 to 6 feet away from me and extend their heads forward to within inches of my face. They appear in the early hours of morning and mold through the ceiling or walls. A glowing oval light appear an they glide through the opening. A sweet smell and intense heat coincides with their entrance. I am paralyzed and can only stare at them."

Peggy also had a black tar-like substance strewn throughout her home. I have included a few background details on Peggy's case so you will know that more than just slot machine failure and other activities are involved in such cases.

In a Georgia USA case, Sandra was disturbed by her ability to temporarily put out street lights from a good 50 to 100 feet away as she passed in an auto or walked under them . These were the sodium vapor-type lights triggered by darkness. She learned no one else was doing this and suffered some strange looks when she tried to find out about it. I consulted a local power company engineer and he was at a loss to explain why this should be happening.

In a California case, Gertrude recalled the time as a child when an odd circle appeared in the field next to their farm home. She and friends stood in it and their legs tingled. Her friends got scared and ran home but she walked in it until she found the strongest tingle place. Later she entered the kitchen of her home and the ceiling light exploded.

In two of my EMF power cases, I have tried to get the abductees to conduct certain tests and in one I was able to check out the participant with my inadequate instruments.

In the Anderson, Indiana USA case, poor Witsken was so ill and disturbed by too frequent abduction that he fell into the hands of his brother who called in a medical doctor. That put an end to my contact with him. Before I lost him I was able to check him with my radiation dosimeter, magnetic gauss detector, and compass. Due to a feeling in his head he believed an emission was coming out of there. I found nothing. An MRI and scans found nothing. It was a shame I lost him and he is probably under heavy sedation in a mental facility.

In a southeast Kentucky USA case, I found a willing experimenter in John Staton. His interdiction when it came to lights, lighted signs, and motors on machinery was awesome to see. It was not a skill he welcomed and he sought to control it. It was causing trouble at work where he would disable machinery.

I cautioned John to remain silent or it would cost him his job. Once something good even came from his weird talent. The large overhead sign where he worked would never work. John fixed the sign for good one day when he just walked under it. Of course, this too had to be kept a secret.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Under my direction John tried various shielding objects like moving a large iron skillet around parts of his body while under a street light. This had no effect on the light. He learned his nullifying power seemed intermittent. Sometimes he had it, and sometimes he did not. We both decided that it might not be some kind of emission from an alien implant hidden in him.

Since a chosen abductee can be found no matter where they have moved to, and I have had some log distance ones, tracking by implant cant be the answer. So I am inclined to believe the power is some kind of psychic force that we do not have one clue about, a useless, undesirable, undetectable, un-measurable force that disrupts the flow of electrons in human devices.

I myself learned that the power can be transitory. In December 2000, I received a curved row of 10 deep skin punctures in my right lower leg. Several days later three more appeared just to the left of these. Several days later I awoke to see our overhead bedroom light shade tilted up against the ceiling.

Then while walking about 12 feet behind a park auto, its trunk lid suddenly popped up. The window raising motor next to me in my auto had to be replaced twice. Then my magical ability faded and nothing else happened. One wonders who the original intelligent source behind these effects might be. Whatever it is, it is brilliant and plainly devious.

Let us look at the incredible case of Kosivo. This is what this tall, thin, entity dressed in dark clothes called himself. Who he is we really do not know, but at least he may come from the same realm as those who cause the EMF power to manifest in humans.

The time of this altered state dialogue was July 26, 2001. I quote the words of Lillian, a Florida USA abductee. "All that Kosivo said last night was not too convincing to me. Sometimes I catch him in a lie. He is not consistent at times. He said that President Bush is in a nasty predicament (forecast of WTC disaster?) and will not tell me. I just have to see."

Lillian continued, "I insisted he tell me but he said I would soon see in time. I also asked him why they took out my insides.( A group of amazed doctors found her inner female organs cleanly excised.) He said didn't you figure this out? I said NO. He said to enhance the universe. What is that supposed to mean? I said you are making alien children out of my ovaries, eggs, etc? He said he is not sure what others are doing in their secret rooms. So tell me, what did he mean by secret rooms?"

Lillian said, "He asked me why am I talking to the old man? He said the one you get the questions from and give the answers to. He apparently knows about you Don, and it scares me. But I told him you are my confidante and I really need Don to make sure I am not losing it. He told me to be careful of you that Don likes to fool you." (I have had other entities try to poison the mind of abductees I was helping.)

Lillian continued, "He is strange and this time changed his appearance. Last time his ears were big now this time they were very tiny and had bits of silver inside." It took me some time before I was able to get this poor distressed abductee out of the depths of despair that she was in because of the exceeding evil, foul, thing that had been done to her."

I have given you some insight into the mystery of abductee electron distortion power and briefly visited the cunning intelligence somehow causing it in humans. In the final analysis it seems to be a useless product of alien activity. That is the only certain factor that we can be sure of.

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