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Donald Worley: Alien Drama on a Colorado Ranch

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Alien Drama on a Colorado Ranch

This is the story of the Evans family, whose harrowing encounters with the inexplicable happened in 1975, a peak year for surgical cattle mutilations in Colorado.

Though my account reads almost like scary science fiction, it is based on witness reports taken by Dr. Leo Sprinkle and Dr. John Derr, who at the time were working with the now defunct Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO).

Paranoia stalked the beautiful Colorado landscape in the mid 1970s. Mysterious night surgeons were doing their foul deeds. An unseen agency was performing ultra-skilled surgery and removing specific animal parts. Only the bovine carcass with its serrated edged cavities remained behind.

Glowing aerial lights and other strange aerial forms were frequently see, but no culprit had ever been apprehended in the thousands of incidents. The middle-aged Evans family, consisting of John, Susan, their three sons, and a business partner named Jim, who spent several months cleaning and repairing the ranch the family had acquired before moving there in Oct. of 1975.

The ranch was located near a small town in the Rocky Mountains, and overlooked a military installation. Abandoned coal mines were thought to be under an area of the ranch. The new residents were immediately presented with mystery there were never able to solve. Why did the house often have a turbine-like hum?

Shortly after their arrival, an orange glowing craft shaped like the top of a lighthouse appeared over a dam on the northwest corner of the property. Little did they realize that this would be only the first of an incredible onslaught of bewildering events.

In the months that the family tried to cope at the ranch, UFOs were often seen by them and their friends. In one incident, during broad daylight, Susan and two friends spotted an object that must have been hundreds of feet across.

Most often the sighting took place in darkness. On the night when nine discs appeared beyond the front of the house, it was Susan who got zapped. She had been watching from the front room couch. There was a flash of light, and whatever it was, knocked her into the middle of the front room floor. Of all the persons at the ranch, Susan was the most sensitive to the mysterious forces and eventually the one most disturbed by it all.

Periodically she and several of her friends suffered induced headaches, momentary paralysis, and all the symptoms of panic. Several friends made an early departure from the ranch. When the discs were about, effects such as power outages, pounding on the side of the house, mutilations and other bizarre phenomena occurred.

One afternoon Joe the oldest son, and some friends visiting from Denver found the first mutilated cow. It had its udder, one eye, one ear and its rectum removed. It was devoid of blood in the fallen snow.

Eventually the Evans herd would lose four cows. This precipitated an angry confrontation between Jim and the county sheriff, who seemed unresponsive. Appearing to control his great irritation, the sheriff told Jim, "We know what the mutilations are and have known for some time. We only make public about one fourth of the total, and there have been 400 so far. It is done by extraterrestrials. The FBI has been told about it. This "cover-up" policy avoided certain panic in the county, and successfully reduced public ridicule of the sheriffs office.

Several times at the ranch a voice came out of nowhere. One night the three adults came home from shopping and found the boys in the back room cowering in fear. Something had been pounding on the house all evening. Jim lost his temper and stormed outside. He screamed curses into the silence and ended up saying, "If we can't have this land, you won't have it either! I'll blow the whole thing away. "Back in the house he had some coffee and tried to calm down. Then went back outside to work on the faulty septic tank. Suddenly, a great stereo-like voice boomed from everywhere, "Dr. Jim, we accept your offer!"

Jim hurried back into the house very upset and disoriented. The family talked to the sheriff about moving the boys to town. Incredible as it seems, a big hairy being also joined the parade of oddities on the ranch. It became apparent that "Big Foot" was just one more facet of the cunning intelligence harassing the Evans. No less than 20 persons would see "Big Foot."

One night, Jim took a shot at its dark form, without effect. In the midst of the harassment, something completely destroyed the transmissions of Susan's Cadillac and the station wagon. On another occasion, Susan got a complete surprise. Jim had quietly stepped out on the porch without turning on the porch light. Once he spotted the figure, he tapped on the window and Susan came out. Susan shaded her eyes, leaned over and looked where Jim told her into the trees. She was amazed to see the huge dark figure lean over and shade its eyes, just as she had, appearing to mimic her movement.

In two separate episodes, strange figures momentarily appeared at the house. One was an indistinct figure in a tight suit, who appeared in a window above Jim as he lay on a couch with his gun beside him. This threw Susan into a high-pulse, rapid breathing episode, even though she was alone in her bedroom when it happened. On another occasion Jim awoke on his couch in the wee hours and found he couldn't move. A tall, skinny alien stood beside him. It was wearing a space helmet, with three hoses projecting out of it and attached to a pointed box on its chest. In panic, Jim began to be able to force air through his larynx and make strange noises. The alien  vanished. Jim thought, "Oh God! I'm hallucinating--I've lost my mind."

John became more rational after John and Susan came rushing in. Of all the strange happenings that occurred on the ranch, "the meeting incident" was probably the most frightening yet fascinating. Sort of a climax of all the sinister activity. It was a cold, moonlit, winter night when Jim and Joe drove up to the mysterious burned circle.

Jim would never know why he got the compulsion to venture near this strange place after sundown. They had been parked a little while, when they noticed a dim, yellow light behind their auto, coming from the forest. As they cautiously approached there lay an illuminated black box in the snow. Jim remembered that the sheriff had warned him about black boxes which were making a buzzing sound and this increased when Jim took another step toward it. He backed up, returned to the car, then sent Joe back to the house.

As Jim stood there, he spotted another yellow light down under the dark pine trees. He began to walk toward this light. He had not felt well this day and his health was not the best anyway. He had a heart condition called "myocardial infarction."

Jim didn't want to move his legs and go to the light yet a strange, overpowering compulsion, moved him toward it. Jim had anxiety, but no real fear.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Jim never understood why he would do something like this against his own wishes. He entered an illuminated area that seemed to have no light source

[AAER Note: This is not ordinary light created by photons. This may be an energy that absorbs photons out of this universe.]

Two aliens were standing in the light source. Jim told the investigator, "As soon as I walked up they spoke to me by my name and said, 'How nice of you to come.' It was like I had been expected."

Jim continued his story. "Down the hill was a dimly lit disc on the ground. I was up there maybe five minutes. They apologized for any inconveniences they had caused us, told me that a more equitable arrangement would be worked out between us, whatever that meant. I wanted to ask the a lot of questions but didn't. Like where do you come from?' I did tell them they were foolish drawing the attention mutilating cattle. I complained about the damage to our cars but they admitted nothing."

Jim had studied the two beings closely. "They seemed young and effeminate, were about 5 feet 6 inches tall, wore tight fitting clothing, like a flight suit and these changed from brown to silver. I don't know how this was done. They were very fair with large eyes. They seemed perfectly normal and relaxed. They had blonde hair with something over the head, but I could still see some hair. Their facial features were fine. The thing that impressed me the most were the large and striking eyes."

Jim said, "The aliens were different but only in that you might just stare at them and not be freaked by them. They didn't give me any earth-shattering information like a cure for cancer or a billion dollars -- or at least offer to pay for the car's transmissions. I did find out that the big fuzzy thing we call 'Big Foot' obeys their commands. I found out the black box can be lethal if they were telling the truth."

The beings spoke in ordinary English. Why they didn't use the usual telepathic communication often used is a mystery. Jim was pretty shook up by it all. He had seen the disc nearby and was very excited about the prospects for peace at last.

Jim expected to see the aliens again. He rushed down to the house and excitedly told all about the meeting and they might even have visitors at the house one day. Later he thought over this very unreal meeting and its pleasant conversation and became confused and disillusioned.

After a period of quiet the frightening harassment began again. One morning just after daybreak, Susan, Harry, and another visitor named Charlie were driving into town. Charlie saw the huge cone shaped UFO first. They compared it to a farmhouse down the road and decided it must be hundreds of feet across.

Paranoia had set in as far as the hapless inhabitants of the ranch were concerned. They tried the buddy system and believed only what two people saw. Whatever they had done it was far too late. The toll of months of tension was too much for the brave souls who loved the beautiful Colorado ranch so much. They were already conditioned when the last event occurred. Actually it was really nothing. Just an electrical short on the front porch that set some buckets of paint on fire. Everyone thought this was it. They were under attack. This was the end and they might die. Their will was broken and they sought flight instead of fight.

The alien force possessing undreamed of power had won. Its victims believed it was not a friendly force, and couldn't care less if they lived or died. The force was engaged in widespread activity than no man could stop or even impede. Jim believed that the ranch must harbor some kind of base or center.

Susan was most affected after they moved away. She began to go to see a psychiatrist. Jim's background as a security officer in the Air Force prepared him for some of what happened. He was the type who thrived on intrigue.

In this classic case we see several significant factors that seem to present us with important clues concerning the unfathomable presence behind surgical cow mutilation. Whatever is engaged in this ground level activity must be multifaceted.

In the Evans case we see a variety of paraphysical manifestations and their physical effects. Important too, is the appearance of the aliens themselves. Not, the master controllers behind it all of course.

Who can ever know what they look like and where they really are? The only thing taken from the Evans ranch was the cattle parts and the blood, so let me try to address this vital part of the enigma.

Why would the aliens want the blood and certain tissues. For the most part we are limited to asking certain rudimentary, speculative questions. Is a desire for DNA and genetic material behind this strange harvest? Large parts of cattle chromosomes are identical to human chromosomes. The tongue has salivary glands with cells containing chromosomes a thousand times larger than any other body cells.

Why the need for the historically special substance called blood? This acquisition of bovine blood causes me to recall a time in the 1960s when the aliens tried to take a loaded bloodmobile in West Virginia. Actually in the same context we must remember that ominous relentless intrusion into the very heart of human existence called, "Lost Time Abduction (LTA)." The surface of this secret, denied, thing has only been scratched.

Why this fondness for living egg, sperm, and human fetuses? Are the products of the two phenomena, MUTE and LTA somehow connected? What are the aliens creating? Why the urgency to create it? Sometimes they have said it must be done. Do they know some dreadful things about Earth's future that we can't know? The truth of alien presence transcends all other concerns of human existence, and no doubt involves our orgin, the nature of our being, and our ultimate end. Yet today we continue on in a soothed illusionary state.

Inner Government having successfully convinced us that nothing exists and nothing is happening. Are the unsuspecting inhabitants of this planet lulled into an endless sleep, one day going to be awakened to an atrocious nightmare that government long ago should have prepared them for?

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