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Donald Worley: Characteristics of an Alien Abduction

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Characteristics of an Alien Abduction

The conclusions listed below are based on 250 abduction cases occurring in the last 39 years. This is not armchair data but personal contact information gathered right from the experiencer.

A. INDIAN PREFERENCE. This important finding is listed first. In some 80 to 90 percent of my cases the precipitant had native American Indian ancestry. We are left to speculate on what the underlying reason is for this fact of life. What is the motive behind the alien intelligence's adherence to ancient redskin bloodlines? It's not for any special favors for these persons are treated like the general abductee, some lightly, some rather harshly. Some experience frequent alien intrusion and a high degree of strangeness occurs.

B. PROFOUND DIMENSIONAL AWARENESS. Another important discovery in the data is the revelation that these persons can sense and see into adjacent space time dimensions. Is this magical power inherited via a birth gene or is it a talent bestowed on them by their alien captors? That vital question remains unanswered. An ordinary person does not have this ability and some abductees don't have it like the elite abductees. They are aware of all manner of denizens in parallel realities that co-exist with us. With some new abductees this can lead to severe doubts about their sanity. A general classification of three groups is possible in this teeming unseen world beyond us.

1. First we have the beings we term the Grays, the Blonds or Nordics, the Reptilians, Insectoids, Human-like Halflings, Robed Hooded ones, Hybrids and others. These are associated with UFOs and underground and experienced in an altered state condition.

There are other forms of alien intrusion that are sensed and seen by an abductee. These exist in our normal Earth environment but of course are usually invisible to a normal citizen. Bigfoot or a Para-ape as I call them is one of them. They are part of the alien menagerie and sometimes return to frighten the abductee.

There are also the MIB (Men In Black), which is an incorrect terminology for these spectres are not flesh and blood. There may be a few government men around dressed in black suits but these are not what we are talking about. Recently I had abductees in Oregon, Georgia, and Michigan all describing strange acting figures dressed in black suits. The actions and descriptions were identical and one person didn't know what the other had described. Often a large black auto will be associated with them. These have dark windows and sometimes a fog will be around the lower part of the car even as it moves.

There are also normal looking humans who are apparently linked to the aliens. Only their strange powers, if used, will give them away. Or perhaps a look at their genes would. One wonders just how many of these covert Halflings are in our midst. Knowing the brilliance and cunning of the aliens they could be sitting in positions of power controlling the destiny of we unsuspecting earthlings.

In a recent case the handsome looking gentleman knew far too much. He could read minds. He, his mother and brother appeared to the abductee surrounded by a green light. Some neighbors also saw him floating over their beds at night. When the abductee later met him in the flesh she nearly flipped out. In the array of what an abductee can see we must not forget the black helicopters. More than one abductee has been pestered by these secretive aggressors of the sky. Why do they keep showing up. No one really knows. One thing we do know -- they really are not "real". Not on this physical plain at least.

2. COSMIC VOYAGEURS. These wanderers, sometimes jokers, seen by some abductees, don't seem to fit into the alien or earthbound disembodied classes. A god example of one of these would be Korsmos who visited with Laura a Florida abductee. He loved to change his appearance. One time it was big ears next time tiny ones with bright metal in them. He issued all kinds of predictions some right some wrong. He referred to me as the old man asking all the questions and warned Laura that I was a fooler and not to be believed. I've had other entities try to downgrade me this way with an abductee.

3. We come now to the third kind of ethereal inhabitants experienced by an abductee. Sure a citizen may occasionally see what they call a ghost but not in any way compared to some abductees. Lets face it some deceased humans like to hang around here in their spirit form. Most go on to the celestial eternal light of God and reunion with their loved ones but a few get confused and don't. So some abductees will see them as the teeming dimensional world impinges on our time frame. Some resident spirits can be troublesome.

An ugly hag tried repeatedly to breathe through the mouth of one of my abductees. In another case every time the person tried to it down there would be a disembodied in the chair. Who feels like sitting down ? I tell my abductees that the key to ridding themselves of unwanteds in classes 2 and 3 is by strict mind control focusing their mind on some beautiful thought or thing. Do not give a hint mentally or physically that you know they are there. Finally they will move on for it is attention and reaction with a living human that they seek. I am not talking about a loved ones spirit or a disturbed overwrought spirit.

C. THE NEMESIS OF FEMALES. I am looking at these various characteristics in abduction in the order that I believe my data reveals are of primary importance in their lives. Gynecological problems frequently befall female abductees. The reason is quite clear. The vast, relentless, abduction mission of the aliens has as its central focus the acquisition of human sperm and eggs and other goals involving fetuses, hybrid creation, cloning etc. In some of my cases the fetus mysteriously vanishes at an early point in the pregnancy.

Pamara of Richmond Indiana recalled a lot of the evening they took her, confirmed by catscan,fetus. There were four Grays and a vibrating probe fastened to other instruments was used. She was also shown a wall full of containers holding fetuses. One wonders-- was Pamara just one stop on a fetus collection mission? In the terrible case of Stella in Florida the evil, heartless, aliens cleanly removed all her inner female parts much to the consternation of a group of doctors. I have not heard of another case like it, but there could be more out there. It took time but I finally brought Stella back from her deep black valley of despair and anger and she is doing good now.

D. SKIN EFFECTS All my cases have had from a few to many of these true evidence of alien visitation. There are the scoop marks, series of tiny punctures, straight line scar and other effects. The Decatur County Indiana officer had a straight line scar in the back of his head. It had healed overnight. The New Foundland case had a back full of scoop marks. The Oklahoman had twin punctures in his neck (snake bite kind) and an MRI revealed a small object near his brain stem. In any event skin effects are usually found after lost time or seeing a UFO or upon awakening in morning.

E. THE IMPLANTS I once held at tiny oblong grey one between my fingers. They can be anywhere but a favorite route of deposit is up through the sinus to brain area. The plastic-appearing larger kind seem to show up out in the extremities. A Florida researcher claims that by holding a Sony Walkman tuned to in between stations near the suspected implant site you can pick up its emanations.

F. ELECTRON DISRUPTION Many abductees have this weird talent in varying degrees. They walk or drive under a street light and it will go off until they move on. One lady in Alabama shuts them off from as far as 100 ft. away. All kinds of equipment is affected. A New Jersey lady walked by a row of slot machines at Atlantic City and caused them all to disgorge silver dollars. The patrons were overjoyed and management alarmed. I was able to do some experiments with a Kentucky abductee and Anderson, Indiana man before the doctor got him. This undetectable energy emanating from an abductee seems to be intermittent. I doubt an implant is the cause. Maybe its something more on the order of an extended aura? In anything the flow of electrons seems to be disrupted.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

F. PRECOGNITION Upper class abductees find they have acquired psychic abilities. Sometimes the ability to discern the shadowy future is startling. In 20 of my Nordic-type alien cases the persons were shown or given messages warning of a coming time of cataclysmic quakes, sea inundation, all due to polar change.

A number of other researchers have found these reports also. I will briefly list other abduction characteristics;

* In addition to seeing UFOs other forms are seen such as glowing orange orbs etc.

* Lost time periods and partial recall of experiences will happen. In the early days the person would be taken while in their auto. Now the alien modus operandi is to enter through the ceiling or wall and exit with the person in the same way.

* When on an abduction mission they may be invisible, or seen hovering nearby or landed.

* The person is gotten at a very young age, will be taken periodically, and there is no escaping their clutches.

A California woman moved to Washington State, then Illinois trying to escape. They still found her and even began to take her baby daughter. Distressing developments like seeing your little ones taken happens too much. I don't believe implants enable them to do this. No, it seems to be the work of an all pervading, omnipotent intelligence. I believe this secretive, deceptive, intelligence is accurately identified in our Holy Bible. Due to its actions and nature I am not ready to believe that its agenda is noble and its here to rescue a doomed humanity. Instead I am certain it is in the process of integrating itself into humanity.

* Sometime along their timeline, the abductee will realize something strange is going on. Some will not want to delve any further but most begin to seek out information. Some are glad to learn the truth when I help them understand that nothing is wrong with them and they are not nearing insanity. But for some its all too much and they are hospitalized. A few go off the deep end like the man I lost when he hung himself leaving a wife and three children. I had let him move on thinking he was OK.

Also there was the abductees in Colorado and Texas who leaped out windows to their deaths due to a persistent voice in their minds. Such a tragedy would have not happened if I could have found them. My Idaho case, full of fear, fled to a local fire station. the men in white coat were called and she ended up in an insane ward. This was before I found her.

* Abductees are concerned about the environment. They love animals and animals love them. In one of my cases a wild Lynx sleeps in her house. At home an abductee will have things vanish and sometimes re-appear. Most chosen ones experience OBEs. Some are more frequent flyers than others. All have an irrational response to a certain object, place, or condition. Most hear their name called or hear voices. Some are directed outside where they get abducted. Some can lose hours right at home on a normal day and don't know what happened. A click, buzz, beeping can be in their life. A low percentage have eyes that attract attention. They are sharper, more intense and another facet in the abduction mystery.

Abductees are victims of what we call, "screen memories" Their captors are skilled at feeding them false images and scenes while they proceed to do what the planned to do all along. One wonders how many abductees are in the tricked group, why they have certain illnesses, and such strange colorful dreams.

* For those who have awakened to the reality of the situation sensible steps toward adjustment must be made. It behooves one to keep their mouth closed for the most part. Oh, perhaps a loved one or dear friend will listen and understand. Otherwise public revelation can get one avoidance, ridicule, and suspicions they are off in the upper belfry.

* An abductee desperately wants this despicable criminal action against one stopped. Trying to fight them like kicking back or squeezing the neck of a Gray did stop them in two different cases but only for that one visit. Using a pre-set video camera has only delayed them. The immense alien presence is infinite. I do not claim to know a way to stop total interest, but there is a successful way to defeat them in your life. I have had good success with this method in my abductees. It is essential that you have faith that my way will help you to have the happy, healthful. life that is your right in spite of them.

You really can stop this dark lawless force from having much negative effect on your life. Thousands of other abductees have managed it. The scene of the struggle is your wonderful mind and its fantastic power. The foe has awesome control in abduction time but you are free from it for many hours, months, or years.

The key to success is mental concentration on and be engaged in, the good, beautiful, and happy things of your life. The mind can only think one thing at a time. You must form the habit of never letting one thought of "them" creep in. Secondly and most important you need to turn to your creator God, his son who came to save you from evil, and their angels. If you are not attending church you now need to and start taking your entire family. I will now give you my prayer that I have for all abductees and one theoretical answer to the cry of all abductees, "Why Me?" Before I do that I urge you to please purchase

ALIEN ABDUCTION:CAN IT HAPPEN TO YOU? is an e-book that will rapidly increase your understanding of our world's most monstrous behind the scenes secret about alien abductions.


I pray that God, his son, and protective angels of light, will always be in my presence and protect me, my loved ones, and friends from all evil forces of darkness. I now visualize a brilliant, shimmering, vibrant, white light coming from your eternal source of all creation and engulfing myself, my home, and all those dear to me. Only I have a right to exist in this body and soul and if any other evil entity or demonic power tries to enter I will resist with the help of the true and loving beings in the universe. In your Holy Name I pray, Ah men.

Seeking an answer to the abductee cry, "Why me?" This is just one theoretical answer. When the soul returns to its home, what has been accumulated in that lifetime is assessed with the loving assistance of its Teachers and guides.

The new lessons that have emerged to be learned, the new obligations, that must be paid are seen. The experiences of the life just lived are reviewed in the fullness of understanding. Its mysteries are mysteries no more. Their causes, their reasons, and their contribution to the development of the soul, and the evolution of the souls with whom the soul shared its life are revealed.

What has been balanced, and learned, brings the sold ever closer to its healing, its integration, and wholeness. If the soul sees it is necessary it will choose, also with the help of its Teachers and guides, another incarnation. It will draw itself the guides and Teachers that are appropriate to what it seeks to accomplish. It will consult with other souls whose evolution, like its own, will be mutually served by the interactions within the physical area. Then it will undertake again the massive, voluntary reduction of its energy, the infusion of it energy into matter, the calibration of this energy to an appropriate scale and range of frequencies, that is an incarnation into the learning environment of the Earth school, and the process begins again.

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