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Donald Worley: Transition of Souls at the Pentagon, September 11, 2001

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Transition of Souls at the Pentagon, September 11, 2001

No one else saw what Jan Nanette (a pseudonym) saw at the Pentagon on that fatal day of Sept.11, 2001. I'm sure I know why. In my research data there are a certain percentage of alien abductees who acquire paranormal psychic abilities. Also I believe that "GOD" pre-ordained that Jan would be where she was and see this incredible sight.

The following report is excerpted from the inspirational book Universe of Worlds: Exploring the Frontiers of the Afterlife by Robert J. Grant, Chapter 1, “Death Has No Sting,” Pages 1 to 4. When Jan Nanette awoke at 8:30 a.m. on September 11, 2001, she was in a state of panic. She had slept right through the blaring clock radio alarm, and was half an hour late for work.

It wouldn't have been such a bad situation, but Jan was doing consulting work for the Pentagon, and this was only her second week on the job. Jan telephoned the office and told the receptionist she was running late. After a quick shower, Jan dressed in a hurry, grabbed her briefcase, and maneuvered through the heavy Washington D. C. traffic.

"I've always prided myself in being punctual," Jan said, "And being late to anything is my biggest pet peeve; (this situation) was worse because it was only my second week on the job. On top of all that stress, I was really perplexed. I went to bed that night before around 11:00 p.m. I always hear my alarm, and usually I'm awake before it goes off."

Getting to the Pentagon was difficult that morning. Traffic was heavy, which only increased Jan's anxiety. When the Pentagon finally came into view, she felt her anxiety subside, but its easing would be short lived. After dealing with the D.C. traffic Jan said, " I felt relieved when I finally saw the Pentagon, but I saw something hovering over the building and all of a sudden, I was afraid . . . . It's hard to explain, but this feeling of dread came over me. I saw what looked like a huge, black, oval mass or cloud-like thing on top of the Pentagon.

Above that was a white, floating mass like a puffy cloud. But my attention was drawn to the black, oval shape. I mean it was black - blacker than any color that I'd ever seen. I knew it wasn't a cloud or smoke because of the shape. It was oval in shape, symmetrical - and the strangest thing was that it was perfectly still. It was resting on the top part of the Pentagon and seemed to go up maybe ten or fifteen feet.

I can't even describe how awful I felt just looking at it. I know it sounds crazy, but if I could describe that black thing in one word, it would be evil. Directly above this layer of black was a large, oval, mass of white. It didn't touch the blackness. It seemed to hover above it the way a parachute looks when it’s open in the air, or an umbrella. It was the most brilliant white I have ever seen. I can't describe exactly how it looked but its shape, too, was totally symmetrical and seemed to hover over the dark thing. Have you ever seen a yin-yang symbol? Well it was kind of like that, except the white extended higher than the black. I saw these for only an instant. Looking back, it was like everything was in slow motion."

It's not uncommon for people who are involved in, or witness a traumatic event, to later report that time seemed to slow down; what happens in a matter of seconds imprints itself on the mind as if the event went on for hours. That was Jan's experience as she observed the strange black and white masses, and then witnessed the plane crashing into the Pentagon.

What Jan saw before the plane crashed was, in her words, "the most powerful, unexplainable thing I've ever seen." Jan said she realized that she had seen the souls of those killed at the Pentagon, departing the earthly realm, BEFORE the plane crash occurred. In terms of actual time, the complete experience couldn't have lasted more than a few seconds.

From the time Jan noticed the strange black and white masses above the Pentagon until the terrorist attack occurred it was less than a minute. What she saw next was even more horrifying. "I heard, then saw the plane heading straight for the Pentagon" Jan said, "and it was like seeing something totally  incomprehensible. My mind just couldn't believe what I was seeing. Before the plane crashed, it was as if everything went into slow motion, literally. I can't explain it better than that; it was like watching a movie on my VCR and clicking the remote to watch a scene in slow motion.”

Jan continued, “The plane was heading for the Pentagon and was still some distance from it. All at once I saw these round, sphere-like orbs of light rising up out of the plane. Dozens of them came out of the plane and it seemed as if hundreds of them rose out of the roof of the Pentagon. "


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

"Everything was in slow motion except these round lights. They zoomed upward in a sort of spiral motion - all of them together -  upward through the awful blackness and then they disappeared into the whiteness."

As Jan watched the light phenomena, she was filled with what she called," the realization of an absolute truth" of what she was seeing. It is frustrating for her to try to describe how she received the message. It came to her instantaneously, the way the answer to a dilemma or problem may suddenly dawn in the mind.

“In the midst of this horrible thing happening," she said, "this instantaneous knowledge filled my entire being and I was divinely reassured. I knew that those zooming spheres of light were the souls of the people who were going to die in the crash. I knew they were removed from their bodies before the actual crash into the Pentagon."

Jan talked with others who witnessed the attack at the Pentagon. No one that she spoke with saw the strange black and white forms above the roof. No one saw orbs of light.

Nevertheless, Jan believes there was a spiritual reason for her having this experience. "My spiritual life began on that day, September 11, 2001.” Jan said, "On the one hand, I felt relieved that I was saved; had I not overslept I probably would be dead. But on the other hand, I felt guilty, like ‘Why me?’ I've been in counseling since all this happened, and I've found that survivor’s guilt is very common. I've suffered from periods of stress and post-traumatic distress from witnessing the crash. And yet in the midst of all the mixed emotions, I'm filled with a sense of serenity where before I would cry over the loss of all those lives.

Jan explained further, "God cannot stop the terrible things we humans do to one another, like the terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center, but He is present at the darkest times of traumatic situations. I know he is taking care 'behind the scenes' of the souls involved, no matter how bad it might appear."

Perhaps Jan survived and witnessed the vision that this story might be told. In the Creator's infinite care and love, perhaps He implanted a mystical understanding in Jan's heart and soul that, although we grieve for the sudden physical loss of friends and loved ones, there is a safe passage for their souls - before the trauma, before the horror.

Jan's vision did not make the horror go away, nor did it remove the grief of losing close friends, but it awakened in her an understanding that, to the soul, death does not exist. It is but a passage. Jan knew it was true. She had seen it with her own eyes.

Researcher Donald Worley explains the “aeroforms” seen by Jan, be they disc or orbs, are very much a part of the dimensions that most humans, who are really like blind slugs, do not realize exist around them. We live on a planet that has now, due to modern scientific discovery, become a frightening tinderbox of potential massive destruction. It is a monumental tragedy that things have come to this.

This would never be if each human on Earth adhered to this simple prayer from Robert Grant’s fine book:

“Dear Lord, Let me this day be in harmony with the Source of all Love, all Light, and be a channel of this Love, this Light, to those I meet in every way. Let my thoughts be more and more attuned with Devine Love, now. Amen.

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