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Donald Worley: Cadaver-Like MIBs - The Mary Brock Case #1

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Cadaver-Like MIBs - The Mary Brock Case #1

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

A troubled voice on the phone was my introduction to this amazing case. As it turned out I never did get up to South Bend, Indiana to meet her in a secluded outdoor place of her choosing. Seventeen years had passed, so Mary thought it was safe to phone me. We both were proved wrong. The silver saucer in a blue glow appeared on three nights running, and was witnessed by Mary, her policeman.

Mary's attempt at a photo got only a black film and a damaged camera (which the Government men took away and never returned.) As Mary was pulled toward her doorway, a coded bubbly voice came into her mind. It began asking about her work (under $20,000 bond) in a manufacturing plant in Cleveland, Ohio where she worked on a secret Air Force device containing tiny glass tubes. Her physical effects following this event were a severe headache, eye pain, brittle orange hair, and sunburned skin.

Several days later when Mary answered her door she found herself looking at a deathly white-faced, glassy-eyed individual. The figure wore a black silky topcoat, and a hat. His message was that she was not to say word about the UFO incident if she valued her loved ones. Then he walked away with a limp, got in the back seat of a big black car with tinted windows and it drove away.

Now after 17 years, Mary with her children away and safe, had gotten up the nerve to call me. Four days later she was back on the phone and it became apparent that the MIBs didn't want blabber-mouth Worley to find out about this case.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Mary said a big black car was parking on the street in front of the house and would leave when she turned out her lights to go to bed.

Our next attempt to communicate was to send her 11 pages of questions and plan to set up a meeting date. One month later I heard from Mary for the last time. Our attempt to use the mails had brought the MIBs back to her door. This time the envelope containing Mary's answers to my questions that she had mailed that morning was displayed to her. She was told that they had people working everywhere, and that if she loved her three kids, three grandchildren, and herself, not to send me any more information. Stay tuned our next intrusion by the Cadaver-type MIB occurred 25 miles south of me at Milan in Dearborn, Indiana.

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