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Donald Worley: MIBs: Cadaver-Like MIBs - The Reed Thompson Case #2

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

MIBs: Cadaver-Like MIBs - The Reed Thompson Case #2

This series of events occurred not far south of me in Dearborn County. On a sunny afternoon in January 1967, schoolboy Reed Thompson took an amazing photo of a monitor-type UFO as it moved slowly through the trees within 32 feet of his home. Dead tree limbs later marked its route. This was the start of a series of events that I would investigate continuing into the 1990s. Reed experienced lost time during the event, and later had nose-bleeding problems.

On a warm April day in 1973, two thin, long-haired, grotesque-looking individuals entered Reed's auto parts store in Milan. Reed's shepherd dog ran to a corner and whined in terror. Several patrons in the store could not remember the event. The beings were dressed in tan jump suits, and wore heavy gloves. It was their faces that were upsetting. A local news reporter later coined the term, "Plastic facers" to describe them. One of the creeps speaking in a mechanical monotone voice and knew exactly when Reed had taken the UFO photo. He demanded the photo and negative immediately.

Being of a stubborn nature, Reed replied that the photo was in a bank vault and would stay there. "Plastic face" said it didn't matter they would get it anyway. Meanwhile a man named Craft, a friend of Reed's, had hurried outside to see the car in which these weirdos had come. It was a 1969 bright yellow Buick LeSabre.

Peering through the dark glass, Craft was stunned to see that the auto had no steering wheel or seats. As the creeps neared the car, Craft's elbow brushed one of them and this seemed to disturb it. Craft died two years later and two autopsies failed to find the cause of his early demise. Reed hoped his strange visitors were gone but as he was enroute to the welding shop.

In Versailles, a wild twilight chase began when his nemesis appeared inches from his bumper. At the welding shop the Plastic facers parked right behind him and followed him to the shop door like shadows.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

As Reed opened the door a blue arc-welding flash was emitted. Reed looked around and was shocked to see that the unwelcome pair and their car had vanished.

Reed Thompson had his share of abductions. His exits and returns at the hands of the aliens are phenomenal. He is no stranger to scoop marks, puncture marks, Grey alien faces, debilitating accidents, and ill luck in general. Big black Cadillacs or Lincolns might be thought to be out of place in quiet Milan, but Reed and his friends have seen them usually following at a distance.

Reed never suspected these were his persecutors until I told him. I urged him to make the UFO photo available to the intelligence behind the "Plastic faces" by putting it on his bedroom dresser for the sake of his loved ones and himself. My own planned presence on the scene always seemed to be countered by them in various ways so I stayed clear.

Reed still has the photo as far as I know. Stay tuned for we will next hear about the amazing MIB drama involving one Pamara Jackson in Richmond, Indiana just 15 miles northeast of here.

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