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Alien Abduction
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Donald Worley: Illusions by Master Liars

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Illusions by Master Liars

Are you actually gullible enough to believe that what you see and are told is the real truth? As a researcher for 31 years in matters pertaining to the present phantom-like alien infestation of our world, I declare that government's endless cover-up of our deplorable situation is an unmitigated disaster.

I say this because had you been told the straight truth at the very Beginning, you would not be the betrayed ignorant person you now are. You have been cleverly and effectively lied to about the most important thing you will ever encounter in your life.

The silent secret invasion of your own planet by a mysterious immense force whose power is limitless. Had you not been criminally deceived, you would have known about the huge reconnaissance waves that began when this dimensional omnipotent intelligence suddenly became interested after World War II and our entrance into the nuclear age.

Later you would have learned about other more penetrating actions by the aliens like the temporary abduction of hundreds of thousands of us to obtain our vital essences and use them to re-create their own types of beings. You would have known about the aliens frequent warnings of a coming time of cataclysmic destruction and wondered if the two could be connected.

Early on, bewildered covert Government knew it was totally helpless in the face of this possible enemy. It knew the great upheaval such an admission would cause, so it chose to tell the most incredible lie ever told in the universe.

Certainly abject fear would have been the rule of the day for some time. However, one can run from the "boogie man" only so long and then he wearies and turns to face the menace. You would have turned to face this crafty, insidious thing.

We would no longer be a warring, divided planet and instead would have become a brave united one. Within our populace, there is a great bulwark that I believe would by now be very effective against this ominous intrusion. But since it has been dumbed and silenced, it remains unaware, its spiritual power unused in what is really going on.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

It is our religious folk of what ever persuasion. Those true followers of the eternal creator, God, Jesus or who ever, where ever. These religious folk need not be told about the unseen ones for their Holy scriptures are full of it.

For instance it is now apparent that this ethereal power has the ability to know the thinking and affect the behavior of any human. This will be no surprise to the religious folk.

Therefore in the dark days after the belated Government confession that they have sown a long, long trail of lies, it will be this part of humanity that will be the sustaining part of our continued existence.

Their faith in his promise that he who created us and has promised to return in glorious power will never permit us to be destroyed.

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