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Donald Worley: A Change in My Thinking - Re-evaluating the Aliens' Mission

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

A Change in My Thinking - Re-evaluating the Aliens' Mission

It will surprise my readers to learn that, as a result of research for my next TV show, I have come to realize I was wrong in thinking the aliens were here to infiltrate and eventually take us over. So my article, A World Under Assault, should be re-evaluated along with a couple of my assumptions.

The fact of the coming geographic pole shift awoke me to the reason the Nordics are engaged in their massive human abduction to acquire pre-birth fetuses sperm and eggs. The reason is they are really here on a rescue operation but I don't know where the MIB, Reptilians, etc., fit into all this. My next TV show will lay out why I see the light on this.

As you know, I've had at least 25 cases where the Nordic type aliens issued catastrophic warnings in one form or another of what is coming for us. And I've heard of many other warnings and all are similar geographic disasters given to persons who had no idea about all this or knew of anyone else getting such messages.

Now my Virginia abductee, the successful aeronautical parts businessman, acquired a Nordic most of his life and once was taken with over 50 others down into a rock place through big doors and shown scenes of terrible waves, world havoc, etc. He called his Nordic mentor "Thor."

Once I got him to ask Thor just when all this was supposed to happen. Thor said, "Only the Creator knows. It is an inevitable result of nature and it is for good."

Now the "good" part threw me, but when I later learned that the Hopi ancestors called Histamon, who met the very same Nordics "Katinas" as mine, thousands of years before the Virginia man, and were given many predictions that have all come true so far and in their descriptions of the coming end used the term "cleansing" repeatedly.

Then it all fit. The Virginia Nordic is essentially saying the same thing thousands of year later.

Also, I am about 80% certain that our Nordics are in truth what we think of as angels. In the famous Floyds Knob case in southern Indiana, the beautiful glowing winged angel-like figure gestured to the little Grays around the room and said, "These are my children."


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Later onboard the craft, the alien entity was asked if he were an angel? He said "Yes, but not in the way you were taught."

Now that was the only one of my many cases where the Nordic actually had wings. No others have had wings. Otherwise, aliens are more often seen in skintight suits or flowing robes often in a heaven-like setting. We know they are part of UFOs and abductions, and although their taking of our people is crude, it's also against our laws.

So how can I think the aliens are angels? They fill the bill in a way almost beyond our understanding and in the fact their great rescue operation overrides any misidentification due to our ignorance.

When the expression "cleansing" is used by the Nordics with the Hopi Indians and my Virginia abductee, I do not believe they are only talking about geographic cleansing, but also the need for purifying a morally decadent, nuclear dangerous species intent on ultimately destroying itself.

This path of self-destruction has made it necessary for the Creator to do whatever is necessary for the final good. The Guiding Force behind the universe never makes a mistake.

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