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Donald Worley: Life with Chubby Grays, Robed Figures, and Orbs Down Under

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Life with Chubby Grays, Robed Figures, and Orbs Down Under

Laura is a very attractive New Zealand mother. However the summer sun now shines on one who lives life in a state of anxiety. Her lot is so unfair and cruel, but she bravely faces it with intelligent courage. It has not defeated her for she knows in her heart that somehow her angels will see her through. I know your prayers and hearts go out to her too.

Laura has learned that there is no denying what is happening to her almost daily at the hands of the intruders. She fears the coming of night and the paralysis, but she is remembering much of it now. Her great concern is for her children who are also in the alien clutches, especially her little son Ned, who can describe his captors well and who sees them morph into various shapes.

At the present moment, Ned is quite ill. I can relate only a few of the many factors causing me to classify Laura an advanced abductee. The children don't sleep in their own beds. They sleep with the mother and grandmother. I find myself a disheartened, frustrated researcher in such cases but use great care and do what I can.

I believe in Ann Druffel's methods of resistance which are Pre-intuition, Righteous Anger, and Appeal to Spiritual Personages put forth in her book. In her fashion Laura has tried and is trying these and other deterrent methods, but the foe is omnipotent and has such awesome power.

How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction

Laura cannot wear a wrist watch for it speeds up and goes haywire as do nearby clocks. Streetlights go out when she passes under them. Lightning has struck her twice. She suffers from assorted gynecological conditions and one time had a several month's old fetus vanished.

Dark windowed choppers hover too often near her home. Laura sought police help due to stalking by swarthy skinned men wearing navy blue pullovers and blue shirts. She is an avid gardener and on many ocasions has lost time when there. She has gotten photos of the shadowy figures around her that she sees out of the corner of her eyes in house and garden.

Laura remembers being taken on the Gray's saucer and awoke distressed, sick, and drenched with sweat in morning in bed. She found that sometimes the alien are thwarted if she wakes up about 2 a.m. Her doctor termed her skin wounds a stigmata effect. The implants she has received, even the one in her right nostril, were close to the surface so she was able to cut them out.

Since childhood, Laura has had this flimsy, tall ghost-like figure in a flowing robe but now the crowd has increased. There have been five floating robed figures some of the time. As for others who give her their attention, let me use her words to describe them.

Laura began, "On January 13, 2006 it appeared these type had on gray masks all the same. The suits were a dull metallic fiber akin to lurex, and looked like parachute suits with long selves and legs. The boots I could not make out what they were made of The gray suits had a shiny thread interwoven in the fabric that shown slightly like pewter might."


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Laura said, "They stood about four and a half feet tall and had round chubby faces that matched their broad bodies. (This is a deviation from the usual North American Gray who is very frail looking.) They tried psychiatry to insist that I was being lied to by who I don't know." (They probably meant me as this has happened before in other cases of mine.)

It is Laura's encounters with what she calls the orbs that are quite spell binding. I will again resort to her own words. She says, "Two men were in my bedroom with me but one failed to see what took place. This dark gray, translucent orb, about 50 centimeters in circumference, suddenly streaked in and whooshed at me like it was trying to hurt me. It came from my right and moved at tremendous speed, touched me on my head and then rose up and touched me on my back. I was busy flailing my arms trying to defend myself. It then departed."

Laura continued, "My former second husband witnessed thousands of the smaller orbs with me after being intimate with me in the house on the beach on our honeymoon. My mother and daughter also saw them when the orbs traveled downstairs. Our room became black and light from outside was completely shut off. There seemed to be a huge cloud hovering over me. I had just looked up from being intimate with my husband. I screamed and he saw them too. I rushed to open the door to let some light in and there were these thousands of bright shiny orbs vacating the room. They looked like a school of fish in mid air."

Laura described more. "Several years ago it was necessary to have my home excorised by a Catholic priest due to paranormal activity there. We had quite a bit of poltergeist activity and though the priest took our concerns seriously, but he was unsuccessful in his efforts. Once an ornate mirror flew across the room from its position over the mantle place and struck me in the back. My children witnessed this. I was pregnant with my baby daughter and it was soon after this that I lost her."

Laura explained, "In this home there would be a whole collection of entities just watching us. We all saw them. My children adjusted some to their presence. When my son was born in that house, an entity physically played havoc on my bed during breast feeding times. It even lifted up the bed covers once and kissed me. We could always tell when they were about. The good ones and the bad ones as there were odors associated with them."

I have only skimmed the surface of all that has happened to this valiant, harassed woman and her innocent children. I pray that things will finally change for the good for her and she will be able to finally live a normal happy life.

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