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Donald Worley: Researcher Writes about Possible Earth Changes

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Researcher Writes about Possible Earth Changes

In my research I have had 27 cases where the person has been shown scenes of terrible Earth destruction during nighttime dreams. These persons do not know about each other and the geographic details are all the same each time.

In this type of data, I am sure there must be thousands of other cases I was not able to personally talk to. The kind of alien being always present in these altered state dreams is beautifully dressed in a flowing white robe.

These sometimes glowing dimensional alien beings project a feeling of love which affects the person for weeks afterward. In most cases, the aliens do not have wings. Some aliens do things we think an angel would not do.

The alien beings are also associated with other kinds of entities who are not what one would call "Godly." So, the question of, "Are they angels?" is still unresolved. So, can all these warnings be lies by deceiving Archangels? Or is this the truth by pure light angels from GOD here to help mankind?

The scenes that unfold are cataclysmic in scope showing Earth changes that would happen if the Earth suddenly had a polar shift. We live on crustal plates, about 70 miles thick, that float on a fluid-like interior. A geographic pole shift would send the plates crashing into each other like ships tossed on a stormy sea.

Scientific evidence in coral reefs and tropical foliage found in the Artic prove catastrophic disasters have happened suddenly before. There has been a 10 percent magnetic Earth decrease in the last 150 years with a 400 percent increase in pole wandering since 1950.

Some "quake" (earthquake) scientists believe a deep fault system runs from Labrador to Arkansas. The New Madrid Quake of 1811-12 was one of the greatest ever in North America. Pole change and violent upheaval along this deep fault axis could cause cataclysmic change in the Great Lakes and Mississippi Valley areas. Our being on Oolitic limestone in this area might help us.

Even now, there are harbingers of change clearly visible. Northern Tundra shrinks as Alaska and Canada grow warmer. Alaskans are experiencing loss of buildings and coastal villages caused by melting of a formerly frozen soil upon which fishing villages have stood for centuries.

Glacial ice is receding like the Alps that is 50% of what it was years ago. Artic and Antarctica ice is thinning and departing in immense chunks. The north pole ice cap split in half about five years as shown in the movie, "The Day After Tomorrow."

The Day After Tomorrow

Spring comes a week early in some parts of the World. Plant and animal species have begun to shift their ranges. Climatologists say the earth has not been this warm for over 6,000 years. The ocean level around Australia is predicted to rise 11 inches in the next century.

Coral reefs are bleaching in 32 countries since our oceans are warming at an accelerated rate. A warm world will bring great floods, deep snows, mega-droughts, rapid spread of new diseases, increased tornadoes, and greater hurricanes.

In my research, I was positively stunned when I learned that thousands of years ago the ancestors of the Hopi Indians known as the "Histamon" met the very same mystery angel figures (Kachinas) that the persons in my 27 cases have experienced in their dreams.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

The Hopi Indians were given many predictions and what they call "cleansings" were right on target for many of the recent catastrophic disasters, including wars, storms, earthquakes, and more.

Here are some signs the Hopi Indians were given about the final cleansing. According to this legend, a gourd of ashes when dumped on the land will burn and the sea will turn villages of stone into ashes. That of course is the Nuclear Bomb. In the end time, a house of mica will be built on the eastern shore of Turtleland. That is the UN building and the mica is its reflective windows.

When the Spaniards approached the Hopi ancestors across the Mesa, they wore armor and looked like turtles. So, the Hopi called the United States "turtleland" in all their Religious Mythology, Legends, Pictorgraphs. and Petroglyphs. It is the time of imminent change when a house shall be thrown into the sky and man will live in it. We know that is here, too.

It is our bible and and the Hopi prophetic agreement on the UPC bar code now found on items in stores that is utterly startling. A bear marks its territory by making parallel claw marks on trees. The Hopi place the marks in the final time of great cleansing. Our bible refers to these last days parallel marks based on a six hundred, three score.and six system.

You see them today on all you buy, the numbers 666. Both of these sources are accurate. Our bible has forecasts of what is coming that supports what the angel-like beings are saying. When it speaks of the powers of heaven being shaken, stars falling, (it is not the stars, it is the Earth wobbling), and vast Earth upheaval,that means a pole shift and its terrible results.

The weather will be drastically altered. Many people will not survive. Others will survive the period of massive quakes, volcanism, churning seas, frightful winds and these will live in a tropic, frigid, or temperate climate.

In the cataclysmic scenes shown, my cases see encroachment is so drastic. It is easier to mention some safe areas. They are Mid-Canada, upper mid-upper United States, and the Appalachian region. Our western region, Great Lakes, Mississippi Valley, Japan, Northern Europe and many other places are going under.

War of the Worlds

Do I believe all this is going to happen? Yes, I do. I just do not know when. We have been told we will not know exactly when. Many of us believe this is when the Prince of Peace will return just like he said he would.

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