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Donald Worley: The Progression of Alien Tactics

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

The Progression of Alien Tactics

CUPA CUPA SUCK SUCK. Yes, I know you are wondering what in the world is this man talking about? Has this old guy fallen out of his tree? Well, keep reading and you will find out later on.

Progression means a series of acts in sequence with a relationship between them. As one looks at the alien intrusion of our little blue and green planet, we see clearly a progression of their tactics.

Way back in our last big mad world conflict, it was the Foofighters seen by bomber pilots in WW2 forays. This soon progressed with peace to great waves of UFO infestation into specific areas of our country. There is no denying these kind of alien tactics occurred.

With the coming of the flying saucers, my area of Indiana has seen much low monitoring, some landings, and abductions.

I am not saying that long ago the higher echelons of space time dimensional intelligence had not been watching us but with the introduction of nuclear power and its use, they really became concerned. Such awesome power was now in the hands of seemingly insane inhabitants who wreak wholesale destruction on each other.

It is in the alien tactics of temporary human abduction that we see progressing to important successive changes in their operational methods. In the early post war years, we have seen abductions in which hovering above, landing, and beam projection to levitate an auto were used to obtain humans.

In these years we also have seen "goofups" and occasional mistakes, some injurious by the aliens. I will skip all the times the UFO hovered and beamed up their victim.

In my East Connersville, Indiana case the disc shaped UFO landed two nights in a field next to houses. Three cone shaped holes and a pile of red dirt remained behind. What was its purpose? Why was it there two times? It was there to get its chosen person, of course.

In another case off State Road 121 in Indiana, the UFO sat down in a pasture next to this home. The UFO had done this same thing at another rural site several years before. I knew this person but refrained from telling her why she seemed to attract UFOs, due to her emotional state and fear of her reaction.

Abduction in My Life: A Novel of Alien Encounters

In the Davis Street case, the UFO either landed or hovered just over the ground. The abductee had seen about 7 persons standing like zombies next to the UFO. I found no witnesses who remembered anything. This is normal.

Let me move on to auto levitation which occurred in those years. Martha Cain, an Ohio River farm wife, had her car levitated by an orange bowl shaped aeroform. She suffered time loss, also known as missing time, a swelled body and got me to come down there because she feared the aliens had put an implant in her head, but my instruments found nothing. Her car's finish and electrical systems were ruined by the UFO contact.

In my Elm Park case near here, the domed disc projected a beam at an auto on State Road 44. The car was lifted up by the beam and glided into the UFO which zipped off to the east.

I never found the car or abductee, but as in other cases, I am sure the auto was returned to the road with the occupants wondering why they suddenly found themselves farther down the road than they should have been, or even totally in the wrong place or traveling in the wrong direction without knowing how they got turned around.

The crude operations that I have described have now disappeared from the alien agenda. In those years we had other things such as "goofups" and injurious mistakes that have now been changed or greatly reduced in progression by the aliens.

In one Illinois farm case, after the abductee moved to a new house on the property, his tenants moved to his old house. They quickly moved out the next day because some weird looking ghosts had invaded their rooms, peered at them and left. Well, the new tenants thought they were looking at ghosts, but it was really the aliens looking for their abductee.

In a Michigan case, the aliens had a frightened, flailing abductee on their hands. When he regained consciousness over his roof, he didn't get to bed until the beam powered up.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

The same thing happened to the little Gray alien escorts who tried to leave and bumped their heads on the ceiling until the beam powered up and floated them up, up, and away. Things like that do not happen any more, at least not with my abductees.

One lady was abducted while wearing her Victoria's Secret nightgown. She came back the next morning wearing a man's oversize shirt. One wonders what the guy's wife had to say when he awoke the next morning wearing another lady's nightgown? There used to be a lot of clothing mixups but I have not seen any for some time now.

In Missouri, the aliens put a truck back on the wrong ridge. Near Jefferson City, Missouri, a saucer mistakenly landed on a sinkhole and began to sink.

The Gray abductors abandoned their female abductee and rushed to their UFO and took off. Scientists from Rolla, Missouri examined the 20 by 30 foot deep hole.

The intruders in those years were guilty of some bad mistakes causing human and animal injury, which my later data do not show as much of this.

In Vermont, my abductee ended up with Grand Mal Epilepsy. In southern Indiana the boy too got Epilepsy, reduced to Petit Mal. His two dogs' skin turned red, their hair fell out, and they died, probably from radiation poisoning.

Things have changed and for some time now we see a very efficient alien abduction operation. No more crude up the beam landings, or auto snatching at least not in my records. No more bungling at least in the abduction act.

Oh, I am not saying there are no deviations but practice makes perfect. With time it seems near perfection has been reached. Now the aliens instantly zip their quarry through the ceiling or wall and the abductees have no memory of this transference.

Now the aliens can abduct a person in daylight on the street, in their kitchen, plus the usual bedroom site. They now do it instantly, anywhere. Many people out there have few physical signs but never suspect it. The aliens are masters at rendering any possible witnesses as comatose.

Yes, I know you want to know about this CUPA CUPA SUCK SUCK I hit you with early on. Hold on to your seat because it is possible the brilliant aliens are testing one more tactic in their quest for human subjects.

How clever of them to move on to this simple way of getting what they want. Come with me to the remote jungles of Brazil. The Brazilian Air Force has conducted official military investigations in the Amazon that were kept secret of what is termed CUPA CUPA meaning SUCK SUCK.

In these instances, a beam of light is emitted from an egg or cylinderical shaped object toward a native in the jungle extracting a non-fatal portion of their blood. It is estimated that over 1,000 people were victimized over a period of ten or twenty years.

UFO Magazine of Brazil using the Freedom of Information Act, forced partial disclosure of what is going on. Physicians, journalists, researchers, and authorities have all followed up and learned the truth.

UFO Crash in Brazil

New investigations on the islands of Colares and Mosqueiro in Para State have shown a variety of phenomena detail. The attacks have decreased but still continue. So our blood seems to be of some value to the aliens. It is no surprise.

How about back in the 1970s when aliens unsuccessfully tried to levitate a bloodmobile in West Virginia? Will this new tactic of progression appear in remote sites in the USA? Thus far I have not had any reports of this nature, but my ability to learn of them is extremely limited.

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