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Donald Worley: Misty's Defense Against Alien Beings

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Misty's Defense Against Alien Beings

Misty is a 51 year old widow of Iroquois Indian ancestry, living in a small town in a western state. What Misty has leaned to do is so important that it should be shouted from the housetops.

Alien abduction victims no longer need to feel hopeless for if they will learn and apply the instructions in the book, How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction by Ann Druffel. You too, can thwart the aliens at their own game. Misty has shown the way once she forcefully began to use most of Ms. Druffel's resistance techniques.

Let me first give you some of the background of this incredible case and what Misty has gone through. Her illnesses fill a page among them, manic depressive disorder (bi-polar), fibromyalgia, transit ischemic strokes, automatic muscle spasms to name only a few. Certainly her health has suffered because of the alien high intensity life long attention.

Time loss has been very much a part of her life like fixing breakfast and next she is rocking in the rocking chair unable to snap out of it. Then in the afternoon she finds her cold toast from the morning, still in the microwave. She has rocked all day and maybe has been gone somewhere.

In childhood, Misty would put her mother into panic when she would vanish from the kitchen then appear much later as she began to see the area around her and her feet touched the kitchen floor.

Skin effects are often with Misty, too. Recently she awoke with a belly full of scoop marks. She asked me why do they need so many scoops out of the skin. There must be a reason why they want these little bits of flesh but I sure would not know why.

Misty has seen an assortment of UFOs mostly triangle or boomerang shaped. One time a huge disc the size of her apartment building drifted so slow and low that it left her with a splitting headache.

Misty has seen very unusual aliens. Aliens with cow-faces or elephant-faces with swinging trunk forms are odd, but the "Stick People" aliens are even stranger. Misty became acquainted with them because she encountered them four times in blackberry winters.

Picture of ghostly alien entity

Picture of ghostly alien entity

Picture of ghostly alien entity with face drawn in

Picture of ghostly alien entity with face drawn in

These stick-like Aliens walked and talked, but if someone was coming, they shrank down into the shape of a really small letter "M" or "Z" and vanished into the ground. They were thinner than pencils and had no faces. These stick-like Aliens talked patiently to Misty by speaking into her mind, explaining they were older than the hills.

Of course, we know all these weird figures are what the aliens produced in Misty's mind as a little girl, and may not actually represent their true appearance. Years later, Misty and her husband and neighbors' encountered a physical giant Moth that was unbelievable, too. It was as big as the shed wall with wings on backwards and it had the evillest eyes. Misty described its eyes as if looking into an endless pool of darkness. The group panicked when they saw this "Moth Man" and everyone ran back to the house for safety.

Like other abductees, Misty has suffered the mysterious loss of an unborn fetus. In one abduction she held a baby whose head was too big in the back and she could see its brains inside the head. This made her sick in her stomach.

Have MIBs, black limousines, and black helicopters ever been around Misty? You bet they have. She tells about one incident in her youth.

"This big car with a mirror black finish was suddenly right beside me with its door open. There was a musty old spearmint scent coming from the interior. The three men in it were old, wrinkled, and had dark circles under their eyes. They wore black hats, suits, and ties. One man got out and bent to speak to me and I got a whiff of funeral smell like all three of them were dead folks or something. I dashed off to a fence, climbed it, and ran home. My mother had watched it all from our house down the road."

Misty's little son is a phenomenon all by himself. He is unable to get too close to the TV while watching it, or he will scramble the picture. When he walked down a sidewalk with lights on each side, he made them each temporarily go out as he passed next to them. When he passed near the generator to the apartment building it shut down, plunging the whole building into darkness. This really frightened him.

Picture of ghostly alien entity in bedroom

Picture of ghostly alien entity in bedroom

Picture of ghostly alien entity in bedroom drawn in

Picture of ghostly alien entity in bedroom drawn in

Misty's son has suffered from abnormal nose bleeding and claps his hands over his ears to block out assorted whines, beeps, and other annoying sounds in his ears. He hears a male voice from inside his head that calls his name which causes him to jump up and cry out "no no" and cling to his mother Misty.

As Misty held her traumatized son on one such occasion, she asked me if she should try to tell him what was happening. So picture this truly pitiful scene caused by the heartless, lousy aliens. Since Misty has begun to oppose the aliens using Ann's resistance methods, her son has had fewer problems with alien intrusion.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Recently, a new mystery arose in Misty's house. Small piles of black grains have started showing up on the linoleum of the kitchen and bathroom. It is about one to one half a cup full in volume. It has no smell or effect when held. Misty explains it reminds her of Jello grains, except that it will not dissolve in water. She is sure it is not coming from insects or rodents. One time Misty removed a pile from the bathroom floor and 10 minutes later it reappeared.

Before I attempt to explain how Misty achieved her success over the Alien intruders two recent times, I need to list the specific tenants of Ann Druffel's wonderful book. In Ms. Druffel's book, she explains in detail the nine resistance techniques that if religiously used, can lead to success.

  • Briefly, the techniques include:
  • Mental Struggle (Block their mind control);
  • Physical Struggle (fight back);
  • Righteous anger (Summon your inviolate rights);
  • Protective Rage (Guard your loved ones);
  • Support of family members (Seek strength in numbers);
  • Intuition (Sense them coming);
  • Metaphysical methods (Create a personal shield);
  • Appeal to Spiritual Personages (Get help from on high);
  • Repellants (Use time tested to fend off substances);

    How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction

    Misty says she tried all these methods except family support and to fend off substances which are not available in her area. I will describe her use of them in her own words and you will recognize how she used them to defeat the Aliens.

    Before I begin, I want to show you how Misty has actually supplied visual proof of her experiences. She supplied a photo of a nebulous big nosed ghost face, a hairy faced entity, and the marks left on her arm from the hitting incident. These photos were studied extensively by this website which is the world's largest abduction site and were found to be the above entities.

    Picture of Misty's arm with raised markings

    Picture of Misty's arm with raised markings

    Picture of Misty's arm with raised markings drawn in

    Picture of Misty's arm with raised markings drawn in

    Here is the description of the SINGLE entity that Misty fought off. She said, "He had a white suit, blue almond eyes, no whites, about age 60, slender, lithe like an acrobat, straight line for a mouth, don't know if he had ears, long fingers, no nails. The instrument he swung made marks on my arm, three raised rectangles several inches long with the center sunken. My skin is white like it should be, but it feels like a sunburn. It's between the elbow and wrist. He swung some strange instrument at me. I think it was a platinum thong. As he began to leave, I sat up and aimed my camera at him and he came back and gazed intently at it, then said I already had a picture of him. I heard him, but his lips didn't move. At another time my son was laying on the sofa ready to make a call and he hit the camera button twice by mistake and got this face. That face sneaks up on us sometimes looking over our shoulder in the mirror."

    Here is Misty's report of the attack by TWO ALIEN BEINGS who were driven off. Misty said, "As I fight back, I was paralyzed in bed. The two beings had quickly changed into my neighbors' faces. My wrists were held still with invisible force. I said Let Go of Me!! in my thoughts and I jerked and they ran and I was able to get up." Misty continued, "I had three blood clots on the side of my knee that hurt. Then I said an angry firm command for any remaining to leave at once or be annihilated in the name of our Savior. Then I woke up. Oh you might ask what part of my body did I jerk when they let go of me. I jerked my shoulders."

    The following is an e-mail I sent Misty about her experiences. "Thanks so much for what you could tell me about your attempts with Ann's resistance methods. I now understand and I am glad you have become a much different person than the defeated frightened one I first met.

    Bless you for being a fighter of the most courageous order and for giving our foes a hard way to go. It's really all simple the battle is won in the wonderful mind. Thought you know is a real thing. Thought precedes any action and when you get ahead of them with thought and sometimes action you confuse them and outright banish them and they can't get to your mind and overpower it.

    I predict you will only get better at this and they will began to give you a wide birth. I pray that soon you are going to see yourself growing more healthy. One day you will look back on this time in your life as a decent into a deep dark valley and then you changed things with your courage into the bright sunlit time that you will then be in.

    UPDATE 11-21-06:
    Misty wrote: Today I woke up, my stomach felt bruised. I saw many red dots like an abrasion on my solarplexus. I dreamed two aliens wanted a lung from me, no mercy, when I sobbed and begged, but two blond ladies saw, came closer, bringing more blonds, and the aliens fled.

    Donald Worley summarizes: Oh Misty that is just so great that the blonde Nordics came to your aid and banished the evil rats who wanted your lung. See a lot of what you have had faith in and have really tried to follow up has had very positive results. Keep on with the way you have been and I feel sure you will see your health get better and better. Dont forget your vitiamns and get good exercise and above all keep a happy positive frame of mind at all times never letting in any negative thoughts.

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