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Donald Worley: Cadaver-Like MIBs - The Pamara Nelson Case #3

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Cadaver-Like MIBs - The Pamara Nelson Case #3

Pamara Nelson is a mother from Richmond, Indiana who has near total recall of one of her abductions and her strange experience with the MIBs. As often happens, Pamara was taken at sandbox age. Later when she was 14 on a sunny June day, a black limousine began to slowly circle the block where Pamara lived. She went out on to her front porch to watch for it. The limo stopped, and a figure got out and approached her up the walk.

Pamara described him this way," He had on black pants, jacket and a hat. It looked like a chauffeur's hat. He walked normal. His complexion was real white, the eyes dark and I didn't see any pupils in them. He spoke in normal tone English. I heard no sound from the limo with tinted windows.

He was polite and wanted to know if a Rhonda Smith lived here. Pamara never heard of such a person so the figure returned to the limo and it drove away. Shortly after this, Pamara and her sister left to go to a nearby store. The limo seemed to appear again out of nowhere. It pulled up to the curb and Pamara saw the rear window go down and a rifle-barrel appear in it.

Badly frightened she shoved her sister behind a wall and jumped behind a nearby tree. Three shots were fired and she heard them hit the tree. The limo then sped away up 18th street that is a dead end street.

A nearby lady had seen it all from her home and she called the police who soon arrived where the two weeping girls stood.

They dug the bullets out of the tree, and decided the incident must have been a case of a hit man choosing the wrong target.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Four years later Pamara was to undergo the abduction she remembers most clearly. She and her mother and sister were taken near the little town of Abington south of Richmond. It was a cold December day, but as the UFO hovered, it killed the treetops under it.

Aboard the UFO, Pamara had her confirmed fetus taken from her by Grey type aliens. A vibrating wire-type instrument was used. Pamara was also shown large jars with fetuses in them in clear liquid with wires running to them.

The family arrived home fours hour later, and Pamara was in such a
terror stricken state that she crawled from the back seat floor of the car and into her house. The mother and sister chose to never talk about their ordeal to me. The sister hides a probable implant in her neck with her hair. Each December, it swells up and fluid runs out of it.

Stay tuned for in our next case about Patsy Wingate, the mountain girl, who struck back and grabbed the thin neck of a little Grey.

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