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Donald Worley: Comparing the Human Experiences of Alien Abduction and Clinical Death

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Comparing the Human Experiences of Alien Abduction and Clinical Death

In both of these experiences that befall humanity, it is clearly evident that the vital essence (spirit, soul, core being that has existed forever) of the person easily exits the mortal body. In his fine book on this phenomenon entitled Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon--Survival of Bodily Death , Raymond A. Moody MD, PhD, analyzes first hand hundreds of persons who have gone through what is termed Clinical Death or Near Death Experience.

These persons return from these journeys out of their bodies with amazing stories to tell of what they have seen and done. In abduction stories,on the other hand, the person is returned by their captors. There is pain, fear, and bewilderment in the victim who returns from alien possession. For the most part there is joy, revelation, and profound change in a human after return from near death.

The big difference in the two experiences, that strikes us immediately,is that in abduction it is an external agency that is the cause of the spirits removal. In near death it is sometimes a traumatic event that causes the spirit to take flight. However OBEs (Out of Body Experiences) do occur to a percentage of the populace without any explanation. It is the loose attachment of our vital being within us that produces the wealth of such reports.

When the aliens come for a selected person, the acquisition process is done easily and quickly. Oh! I have seen foul-ups like not getting back through the roof in a Michigan case, or in one case in southern Indiana, the boy and his dogs paid dearly for the alien stupidity and cruelty. The boy ended up with Grand Mal Epilepsy and his dogs were sickened with red skin and death.

In my worse case scenario, the treachous aliens removed all of a Florida womans's inner female parts. This threw three physicians for a loss in attempting to understand how this could be true. There is not space here to discuss some of the things than an abductee suffers while captive.

In contrast an OBEers temporary visit to dimensional realms beyond our Earth plane often have vivid views of beautiful cities of light, restful, lovely fields of green foliage, etc. A brilliant white light will beacon them.

Deceased loved ones they cannot join will be seen. In near death phenomena, the participant will often return in a euphoric state. No such impressive joyful return awaits an abducted person unless on rare occasions the angel-like Nordic aliens are involved. It is interesting to note that these two phenomena are both sourced in parallel dimensions yet are clearly, totally, diverse areas of parallel realities in our universe. Not one of Moody's cases reported any UFOs or alien type figures.

In a near death induced OBE, one can look back and see his body laying there. The body has been left behind. This is not so in abduction. I've had some cases like the Nebraska man who in his altered state remembered the cobwebs inside the wall of his home as he passed through it.

Actually quite a bit of information bubbles up sooner of later from some abductees about their journey enroute to or inside their destination. So we see some similarity here; however, I have no data where an abductee looked back and saw his body. Apparently the omnipotent brilliant aliens are able to alter the molecular structure of flesh when encountering a barrier then again reconstitute it again as a body and move it on for their own purposes.

We have the positive proof of this because we often see the destructive effect on body health and the visible skin disruptions like scoop marks, straight line scars, and puncture marks to name a few of the undeniable signs. So it is certain that the physical body has been in alien clutches. And here is a most important fact that I want to point out to you. No OBEer ever returned from his journey with any kind of illness or visible physical marks like an abductee often does.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

All this that I have discussed is a very unbelievable, stark, and complex situation. There is also a further related matter that I feel the strong desire to try to clarify. It is the vast human error of belief and faith in any world wide ancient religious text that purports to know how things will be when you cross over and return to the home you originally started from.

I regret to tell you that it is not going to be like they say it will be. The tragic result of misguided expectations results in teeming millions of spirits or souls who are confused. bewildered and lost. All the end result of becoming concrete minded in life on such a vital matter. When I encounter a religious fanatic I quickly bail out for they are beyond help.

Of course many normal deceased individuals find their way to the light and their loved ones, but far too many I fear remain earth-bound and in a lost state.

Life After Life: The Investigation of a Phenomenon--Survival of Bodily Death

If you will access SHADOWLAND on your computer you will see that many souls remain earth-bound. Don't you end up like some of those described in Moody's book I now quote from, "Their heads were bent downward; they had sad, depressed looks, they seemed to shuffle as someone in a chain gang. I don't know why I say this because I don't remember noticing feet. They looked washed out, dull, and gray. And they seemed to be forever shuffling, moving around, not knowing where they were going, not knowing who to follow, or what to look for."

So in conclusion we see that alien abduction and clinical death are two immense parts in the universe and they do not impinge upon each other. And since it concerns me so I have added a warning about religious bigotry. In my dictionary this is described as stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief,or race, that is not one's own.

Once your lose this flesh and cross over, do not be devastated because things are not like you expected them to be. In this life you have been driven by "thought" good or bad. This same "thought" will move you in the eternal region you suddenly find yourself in. Be quick to visualize your precious loved ones in scenes of indescribable beauty. You can not be lost if you do this.

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