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Donald Worley: Evil Descends on Virginia Tech University

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Evil Descends on Virginia Tech University

It came in the form of a methodical, silent, moving youth with two handguns spewing fatal shots on the morning of Tuesday, April 17, 2007. A shocking 32 innocent persons were gunned down at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia, before authorities even realized what had happened. A 23 year old South Korean student by the name of Cho Seung Hui was responsible for the killings and then took his own life, making it the largest massacre by one gunman in U.S. history.

Come with me and let's look deeper into the structured dimensional worlds beyond our ken of existence and the residents who populate them. I seek to alert you to their access to the human physical mind and senses.

My indictment of these devilish forces will be about the UFO alien realms and not about formerly human descarnates some of whom can also cause harm. I've chosen not to address them in this article.

In my 42 years of research and helping abductees, there have been many stressful cases, but my aim here is to give you a few of the worst and convince you that these forces are out there and they are in fact active within our plane of existence.

The overpowering evidence is in that we are much more than flesh and blood and within us exists a temporary soul that will in time return to the dimensional home it originally left. It is this cosmic connection that opens us up to the intrusions of external intelligences.

Some of these intelligences seem "good" and I will cite one part of the class we call the Nordics or Blonds. However most of the other types of beings seem very suspect and several types definitely standout as "evil." In mentioning some of the following facts, I want to point out these entities are very capable of such acts as possessing the mind of a Cho Seung Hui.

Oh, don't get me wrong. I do not absolve Cho Seung Hui of his murderous rampage. We each are free to choose our own way and know right from wrong. Let me try to create a picture here of the evil that besets us.

Do you realize that the heartless ones will sometimes take a distressed abductees child, too? In my Columbus, Ohio case, and in my Illinois case - well too many cases - it has happened.

The person in the Columbus case was briefly committed for mental care because of it. The person in the Illinois case moved to two other states trying to escape with her little daughter.

The big black eyed Greys were involved in both these cases. Tall or short these individuals do it under the direction of stately long blonde haired Nordics.

Now in my recent Idaho case, as a result of her persistently using most of the resistance methods of Ann Druffel, some benevolent Nordics came on the scene and routed the criminal Greys who were ruining her and her child's life.

Let's go on to even worse things they are capable of. I cite my article A Journey Into the World of Reptile and Hooded Aliens. For 20 long years she's suffered the too frequent visits of the type we call the Reptilians.

They have oversized snake-like faces, necks that stretch a long way, eyes snake or cat-like, long tongues, frail bodies and extremities, and long black hooded clothing. Karen's body has been violated often. It is not difficult to realize this kind of creature would not hesitate to inspire acts that would lead to much bloodshed.

In the rush of these kinds of cases, I sure do not enjoy talking about these since one can do so little to help. Even now it makes me angry. Let me not forget the cases where the abductee ended up with Grand Mal Epilepsy. In one case his dogs were with him and they were affected and died.

In my worst case involving the female gynecological system, the aliens cleanly removed all her inner female organs. I called these beasts the lowest form of rats but she has other descriptive names for them. Anyway with my consistent help, she is living a near normal life.

Medically speaking, her group of doctors were at a loss to understand and she declined to try to explain that she was an abductee. Well so much for that kind of devilish intruders.

Cho Seung Hui, Virginia Tech Student
Cho Seung Hui, Virginia Tech Student

In the MIB (Men In Black) we move on to yet another segment of the unknown that is quite capable of mind control and what you seen at the Virginia Tech massacre.

Now it gives me a great big empty laugh to see the idiot-dummies in Hollywood making a fun-making movie about these non-human spirit-like entities which truly do originate from the dark regions of the parallel dimensions that surround us. I have had some very good cases involving them and they are exclusively evil, also.

I will take space to mention just three cases; one is of Sara who lived on a Lake Michigan shore where glowing objects would enter and exit the waters beyond. She has had too many experiences with these dead eyed figures dressed in black suits, white shirts, driving shiny black limousines that have a fog that moves along with them down low.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Once Sara was in a gas station and this one deadly figure passed right by her. She immediately asked the girl attendant if she seen the being. The attendant had seen nothing and thought Sara must have a screw loose.

About this time, abductees in Alabama and Washington were telling me of the same kind of MIBs only seen by other abductees. At Milan, Indiana south of me, here two "plastic facers" and their auto vanished instantly when the light from a welders' torch flashed out the garage door.

Sara sasses the mental voices of the MIB back so they are not about to turn her into a mass murderer but her life has been tough. Black helicopters have followed her all her life, too.

In my Mary Brock, South Bend, Indiana case, we knew it was time to quit when the MIB returned to Mary's door with the questionnaire I had mailed her and issued the warning about her loved ones being in danger. I don't know why they have always given me a wide berth.

I know from other cases that they know about we researchers. I wonder if they don't enjoy our "games of futility" we play with them. We are on to them but nobody anywhere is really listening to us. Their deception and manipulation of global events also probably lies beyond these limited things In talking about.

It is apparent that vast omnipotent co-existing stellar minds capable of abduction stealing what must be huge numbers of fetuses, mind control and similar acts are also the answer to why so many persons vanish. As everyone knows there seems to be so many children disappearing. The standard explanation is kidnapping or sexual deviates and this is valid in many cases.

However, some law enforcement officials and criminal psychologists have pointed out that the number of such cases is too great to be attributed to just those causes. The great majority of children whose photos are widely distributed have vanished without any ransom demand or corpse being found.

According to a report issued some time ago, researchers discovered that the area around Westchester County, New York, the site of intense UFO activity and abductions, had far too many reports of missing children surface. Extensive investigation never found where they disappeared to.

Speaking of adult disappearances, my personal acquaintance with this is with my lifelong friend Charles Frank. His son and his wife vanished forever for no reason. At Lake Whitney in the Dallas, Texas area, with UFOs active, the drownings, small plane crashes, and vanishing persons defied explanation.

Divers found a dozen autos in the lake all empty. A diver encountered red lights in the bottom of the lake but I have digressed from my subject in an effort to show you the intelligence that will cause humans to vanish most certainly if it chooses, tries to control anyone it might choose.

So returning to Cho Seung Hui, the South Korean mass-murderer at Virginia Tech, how did this young man develop into a sinister mass killer? It was a step by step process by some very evil malevolent entity. Have I not convinced you that they are out there? Do you think I am making all this up like so many fairy tales? Not me, an old fellow who probably hasn't many days left.

We know that life is difficult and there are many potential victims in our midst ripe for mind control especially among the young people whose minds are easiest to influence. The university was warned about this man previously. His writings and videos clearly showed what might be coming. He hated the rich and was rejected by women. He was taken for treatment but then released.

If you who are now reading this find yourself thinking and living a life that is counter to Godly Christian precepts that you can't help, but know about, then before it is too late, I beg you to turn back now or it may be too late.

You may already be influenced and you must change your way of thinking and acting. Thought is the motive power of our universe and then comes action. The devilish being that gained control over Cho Seung Hui, skillfully led this young man's soul on step by step to the final unbelievable monster he became.

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