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Donald Worley: Standing In God's Light - In End Times

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Standing In God's Light - In End Times

I consider it an honor to do a review of Ann Druffel's very enlightening and at times spell-binding book STANDING IN GOD'S LIGHT - IN END TIMES . To me the book stands alone as a book that is sure to increase your comprehension of what is even now taking place and future monumental life-changing events that lie ahead of us.

Author Ann Druffel has been in investigation and research of many facets of the interdimensional worlds around us for over forty years. Her objectivity and accuracy have been refined from her participation in many cases. Her co-author, Armand Marcotte, was a well-known, remarkable clairvoyant.

The first three chapters of her book are devoted to a description of Armand Marcotte's life and works, his marvelous, amazing psychic gifts and how he used them all his life on behalf of his fellow man. For many years Armand found time to work with police and other researchers on murder and missing persons cases.

Standing In God's Light: In End Times
Standing In God's Light: In End Times
by Ann Druffel and Armand Marcotte
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His skills in this were phenomenal so he was often sought out. Armand also became a close friend of actor John Wayne. Using a secret formula of a gypsy woman friend, he was able to grow hair on a bald spot that had John Wayne worried. This formula was a residue from boiled horse tails. John called it that "gook" but it worked. Armand also read for Wayne and became known as "John Wayne's psychic." If you desire to read of these further sometimes humorous adventures do get the book.

Beginning in Chapter Four we learn of the harrowing predictions of coming violent change to Earth given to Armand. These pages really gripped me for the warnings are totally similar to the descriptions given in twenty-four of my research cases of human alien abduction. Those were also about California and how the sea will extend inland in one place to near the state of Nebraska. This will be when the cataclysmic convulsions finally cease after several years.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Armand advised moving to higher ground and one pastor and his flock moved to Colorado. I know this talk of much of California going under sounds "crazy" but it is an established fact that my abductee persons whom I thoroughly investigated as I sought to help them in their travail, were all shown or told just what Armand was told.

It is in Chapter Five, entitled "The Tower of Babel" that I am also swept off my feet when I learn from Ann, who lives in California about the havoc she sees around her in Los Angeles due to the massive influx of illegal immigrants. You need to get the book and read the reliable facts from one who is right on the scene screaming the awful truth to you. Clearly the future disintegration of the America we fought and died for is already underway and will finally devour us. Yet it is unpublished and most Americans don't realize it.

In Chapter Six, "Mary: Here, Now and Forever" I am again taken aback by truths I never suspected. I knew little about the assault upon religious freedom and the inroads of evil and especially the desecration of Catholic shrines and churches. And Ann did not even mention the body blow of countless sexual lawsuits against Catholic priests.

In Chapter Eight, "The Antichrist and His Prophet" Ann faces up to the truth as received and predicted by Armand. The real start of WW III began when the radical Islamic terrorists devastated New York, Washington, and a section in Pennsylvania killing over 3,000 innocent Americans. This section of the book contains revelations of the United Nations Organization as the real Antichrist as foretold in sacred scriptures.

Chapter after chapter of the book indicates that the end times as predicted by Armand may have already begun. You the reader can decide for yourselves and act accordingly. As for me I found the truths as compounded in Ann's book totally convincing.

An autographed copy of the book may also be ordered from the author's web site.

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