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Donald Worley: Mysterious Murder of Centerville's Teenage Stanley Sisters

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Mysterious Murder of Centerville's Teenage Stanley Sisters

Centerville, Indiana has been struck by a mysterious double murder in addition to a series of mysterious drownings that occurred in surrounding areas since 1936. Authorities say they have a person of interest in the death of Erin Stanley, a 19 year old Centerville teenage mother, who leaves behind a four month old baby on September 1, 2007.

Erin Stanley aged 19
Erin Stanley aged 19

Officials are doubly mystified over how her younger sister Kelly Stanley aged 18, died less than a week later.

Kelly Stanley aged 18
Kelly Stanley aged 18

Investigators believe Erin Stanley may have been strangled in her parents' Centerville home and six days later, the body of her sister Kelly was found in the same house. The cause of her death was inconclusive following a weekend autopsy, though investigators were still awaiting results from toxicology tests.

Friends and co-workers of the younger sister Kelly say she was a happy girl who was crushed by her sister's death, but was not one to take drugs and would not even take pain medication for a headache.

This article is addressed to persons living in a circular area encompassing Hagerstown on the north, Centerville on the east, Bentonville on the south, and Straughn on the west.

Close in toward Dublin is where some of the drownings have occurred. All this is described in my article Cry Woman Bridge - Drowned Children which is on this site and which you now need to find and read if you are to understand what I am talking about here.

Now I know you are wondering how all you read in the Cry Woman article might possibly have something to do with the Stanley tragedy. Maybe nothing-- but we are faced with some very strange circumstances here.

I had a discussion with the investigation law officer who said what the newspaper prints can't be relied on. This crime is marked with extreme clamming up on the part of authorities. He also said all my information I gave him was checked out and could never be linked to this crime.

I found this to not be true for a look at my information was only superficial. He also indicated they had a culprit or culprits in sight and very good evidence that will emerge in time.

I asked questions like Is the cause of death still undetermined? He cited inaccurate newspaper reports. I asked Were the mother and boyfriend at Erin's bedside aged 19 as she struggled to breathe that early morning of September 1st? Only the family was there and you are going to charge the boyfriend? His answer again was your going by inaccurate newspaper reports and rumors.

I asked Kelly aged 18 was found dead September 7th. You mean the boyfriend did it again in the same home and there was not any mention about her except the pathologist says both deaths are homicides? Again his answer included information from the newspaper and rumors.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

I have tried to give you some details on all this. You know about the Cry Woman Bridge tragedy. You live in her area and I wonder how much I have missed that has gone on up there. I spend my time saving distressed alien abductees so can't know all that has gone on up there. I do know the Cry Woman is still there after the 1936 accident.

I know Cry Woman is an insane and dangerous ghostly presence as proven by the too many drownings in your area and the sightings of her or her ghost light form. Her human mind control can be phenomena especially as one sleeps or even awake as in the cases of the children. I believe she is capable of taking into her realm the two perfectly healthy Stanley girls by phenomenal cerebral control causing each to cease to breath.

I don't know this positively, absolutely but the brutal chilling facts of the situation make me see how this could be possible.

Here are some specific questions:
1. Do you have any knowledge of anyone else who died mysteriously in a similar fashion like the Stanley sisters?
2. Have you ever seen a robed white woman form or glowing orb? Please supply details.
3. Did you know anyone connected with the Stanley tragedy like the girls, boyfriend,parents, friends? Tell me about them. Anything strange happen anytime?
4. Do you have any knowledge of baby and child drownings in Simmons Creek years after 1936?
5. Do you have any knowledge about the July 21, 2004 appearance of the ghost light on film of Mike Stomm at Hagerstown as it hovered near daughter Amanda or in the disappearance of the Greensfork wife and later finding of her bones in a field? Do you know anything about this incident especially anything about her personal life?
6. If you have any information about any event or condition in this circular area I have described please relate it to me. Your name will remain confidential unless you want it known. The valuable information you can give me will appear later on this web site in the form of an article so you will know exactly what is going on up there.

If you have any knowledge about anything I have written in the Cry Woman article or in these lines, please e-mail me at Donald Worley at

Or you can write to me at:
Mr. Donald Worley
P.O. Box 722
Okemos, Michigan 48805

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