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Donald Worley: Probing the Dimensional Realities of Discarnates and Other Types

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Probing the Dimensional Realities of Discarnates and Other Types

I want to point out that there are other intelligences who exist in our universe other than those that we know are clearly UFO in origin. In this article you will meet some of these mistaken spirit souls who have turned their eternal consciousness back to the Earth environment they had been released from.

I will also take a brief look at some entities who are not deceased humans but intrusive UFO aliens. Sometimes advanced abductees can discern surrounding dimensional realms and see both formerly human ghosts and those who are part of Alien intelligence.

So journey with me if you dare into the macrocosm of other places and times. I assure you I don't write fiction. These are true and accurate happenings. I have been there firsthand. I will cover the following true stories:

1. Preble County, Ohio, A Classic Haunting

2. Lookout Uncle Vern!

3. Beautiful Rosalee’s Admirer

4. The Faceless Redhead of Three Mile Road

5. Fayette County’s Magic Chifferobe Dresser

6. Blonde Ellen

7. Stripes and Kolar and Too Many Deceased

8. The Tall Hooded Gliders by the Sea

9. Beings of Light and Exlan

10. A Personal Message from Korea

Here is the first true story:

1. Preble County, Ohio, A Classic Haunting

Ann Adams lived in a big castle-like farm home on a hill in this county just over the state line from me. It was her 7th home for she had moved to the others trying to escape her haunter. Every house had poltergeist activity like loud groaning, wavering, cry, walking, light without a source flooding her bedroom, slamming doors, perfume odor, rocking furniture and floor lamps that turned themselves on and off.

It was the waverng cry right next to me in the upstairs hall one evening as I walked into another cold spot that finally got to me. That and the haunted scarey look of the poor victim. I was never any match for this powerful agency so I just didn't respond to her last phone call. I was also too busy with other cases.

The three cardinal attempts at defeating such a force had been tried. They included:
a. Completely ignore it;
b. Resort to heavenly personages;
c. Confrontation -- had never worked. The last I heard she had taken to drinking beer at bedtime trying to escape.

Ann had unwanted psychic ability and would know when someone was going to die. In a dream-like vision involving a police car, she knew her daughter-in-law would die in a car crash near Cincinnati. No one believed her and she was given brain shock treatments to try to get this idea out of her mind. The crash and death happened just as she repeatedly said it would.

Ann is one of the only three persons I've met who claim to have seen a troll or brownie (elf). One morning she looked out her kitchen window and there in the distance was this little puggie, long bearded, figure dressed in overalls. As he walked along he suddenly vanished.

2. Lookout Uncle Vern!

My article "A Near Fatal Encounter With The Unknown" was published in the New York magazine Beyond Reality. Due to our present materialistic society, the protagonists in such situations must struggle alone against the kind of malevolent forces we see in this case.

The local Connersville, Indiana Wright family consisted of Bill, Janet, Sue and her infant, and Uncle Vern who slept in the foreboding back bedroom. Many things happened to the inhabitants and anyone else who came to the house. The house had cold drafts even on hot summer days.

The foremost ghost was a large heavy woman. There was also a man in ordinary working clothes, and often many voices would be heard behind closed doors. Constant poltergeist activity took place especially in Uncle Vern's room and his health rapidly suffered. He would be heard talking to someone in the room and saying, "Yes, I will be there" over and over.

One time Bill walked into the room and there was a group of golf ball sized glowing lights in the air that moved about. One time Sue awoke to see the big woman hovering over her baby. Something was often coming from behind and touching Janet's face or hair. I must move on to the two crucial events.

One evening Uncle Vern felt well enough to sit out in the front room. Janet was busy at her ironing board behind his chair. Suddenly she began to feel numb and her arms ceased to move. In her mind something began to tell her in unmistakable terms to take the iron and hit Uncle Vern over the head with it. She fought back and even began to sing to herself to try to get this terrible idea out of her mind.

The more she sang the more the voice would say, "Hit him over the head with the iron!" The evil unseen force gained control and Janet raised the iron to smash Uncle Vern in the head. At that instant the telephone rang and Janet immediately snapped out of ther deadly trance. Uncle Vern had literally been saved by the bell.

The old man's health continued to deterorate and he had to be moved to a nursing home where he died, thereby fufilling his statment to the other voice that he would be there. Meawhile, the back bedroom continued as a very poor place to try to sleep. Little 4 year old nephew Butchie became hysterical and fled the room saying a real mean man was after him and grandma stopped him.

Niece Janine also emerged crying from the afflicted room one nightsaying someone had tried to choke her. The toll of events caused the once happy housewife to become a very pale nervous person. The final confrontation with the sinister, ominous beings in the house began one night as Janet lay in her bed very tense and unable to think clearly about anyting.

A group of small glowng lights formed and began to come toward her bed. The transfixed woman looked on as the lights decended and formed one giant green light. In Janet's own words here is what happened:

"It looked like a big green light but there is nothing that could have shined such a green. A shield of glowing light around the form of a person. And this thing began to tell me to get up, load the gun, and shoot myself. It kept saying do away with yourself. It kept repeating and repeating this."

"I kept trying to ignore it. It sounded like a woman's voice but it was real deep. I could actually hear this voice. It was not just in my mind. I had an awful sensation like I didn't have any feeling to me. I was numb all over. And just as I was going to put the gun to my temple and pull the trigger my mother, who had died, stopped me."

"She came up and walked right in front of me and touched me and said, "For God's sake Janet, don't do that. You will regret if for all eternity. And the numbness came off me when she touched me, and I started crying. I had seen my mother there and she was clear as a crystal. She was a very religious woman you know. And when my mother came and stopped me this thing in the light simply disappeared."

Janet's struggle with the unknown had left her a shambles of shattered nerves and failing health. She had to be hospitalized and after recovery from several ailments, she got out with only some kidney trouble. The Wrights hastily vacated the demonic house and its fearful room. Things have been quiet for the new tenants of the haunted house. No paranormal events have occurred in the Wrights' present residence.

Today Janet is again a happy housewife. One wonders how many persons have not been as fortunate as the Wrights when specters of the unknown close in on them and they now spend their days in a mental hospital or lie quietly next to a headstone because their encounter with the unknown didn't end like Janet's did?

3. Beautiful Rosalee’s Admirer

This happened just west of our city of Connersville, Indiana to one of our more attractive female citizens. When this ghost first began to appear in the house, Rosalee could see right through him. Certainly she was upset, but what really could be done about a ghost, and she hoped it would soon quit coming.

The ghost would materialize across the room from Rosalee in the evening when her husband was at work and the children in bed. Soon the male ghost began to become more solid and wore ordinary pants and sport shirt. She didn't know why but she could never see his face. She found that if she went back to her reading and ignored him, he vanished.

However, one evening as Rosalee tried to ignore the ghostly admirer, he suddenly appeared right beside her. His cold hand then reached down and touched her cheek. In sheer panic she jumped up and screamed, "Get away from me!" He instantly vanished. Severely distraught, she rushed to the phone and called her best friend Carol. Finally Carol was able to get her calmed down.

Stomping and walking sounds were frequently heard in Rosalee’s house. Doors would open by themselves. Once when her husband arrived home and walked into the bedroom toward her, the ghost walked right in step just in front of him. Rosalee’s husband could not see the ghost and disbelieved it.

This affectionate phantom nearly ruined Rosalee's life. Girls can get lonely but who wants this kind of a man? I tried to help but was so busy on alien abduction that I did not follow up and do not know what finally happened.

4. The Faceless Redhead of Three Mile Road

It is hair-raising when you look into someone's face and there is no face, just a flat surface. Three Mile Road is just east of Pennville Pike in Wayne County, Indiana. It was nearly midnight as Jim drove home from work. He was not far from his house when he passed this woman walking on the deserted gravel road. She was dressed in a pink dress, white shawl, with long red hair.

Puzzled, Jim turned around and went back to see it she might need help. He stopped 7 or 8 feet from her and was going to roll down the window. She was well illuminated by the headlights and a partial moon. He looked directly into her face but there was no face, there just a dark flat plain.

Needless to say, chills rippled down his spine and he floored the gas pedal. He turned around up the road and raced back by her. He and his family watched for the strange faceless form to come by their house but she never appeared.

5. Fayette County’s Magic Chifferobe Dresser

This antique piece of furniture was a chifferobe dresser which had a special horrifying ability. Since the late 1800’s, it had forecast the demise of the next of kin and friends of the present owner and her mother and grandmother who lived in southeastern Fayette County, Indiana.

When the younger Nancy would visit her mother she would find her very upset sometimes. Her mother would say, "Oh! the old sideboard has cracked and popped again. Somebody’s going to get it!"

True to form, somebody would soon be passing on. This happened through the years until the eerie chifferobe about ran out of loved ones, relatives, and friends. Nancy the present owner has had the chifferobe act up a number of times. I stood next to this beautiful old dresser and of course it was quiet as usual.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Some deceased person on the other side knows who is going to die next and uses this noisy method to herald their coming. Who would want to own this thing? Not me! I wouldn't want to know before someone is crossing over. Could it be me?

6. Blonde Ellen

I want to quote word for word what Jesse, a North Carolina advanced abductee told me. Helen said, "I was little - I know it was before puberty. I dreamt I had gotten up early and went outside to wait for the world to wake up.

I was playing and drawing in the sand with a stick when I looked up and saw this Ellen. I named her after my blonde sister also named Ellen. Only she was an angel because she had a long flowing white robe on. She smiled sweetly at me with her powerful blue eyes. It seemed she came walking down the road or maybe from the woods across the road.

She said she had something to show me. In her hands she held an old book. It was so huge it filled both her arms. She motioned for me to come and stand beside her. The pages of the book had a foreign language. The letters were written in GOLD.

I was amazed at the beautiful raised letters and touched them and asked her what it was. She said the book contained all my prayers and all the songs I had sung to God when I was a baby.

I asked how could I sing when I was a baby? She smiled a knowing smile and said, "Yes, you could." I was awe struck. How was it that God thought enough of me to save my prayers and songs! I was beside myself. I begged her to come inside so my family could see her, but she said "No."

So, I asked her if I could take the book inside to show my parents. She frowned and said they would not understand. Then I begged her to stay and I took off like a flash to wake up my family to tell them there was an angel outside. But try as I may no one would wake up.

Defeated, I rushed back outside to tell her and she was already walking down the road to leave. I cried out, "Don’t go, please!" but she did. That was the first time I saw this blonde Ellen.

7. Stripes and Kolar and Too Many Deceased

Pamela is a Florida abductee who is very preceptive of other dimensions. Her dimensional friends gave her their names. One called herself Stripes and the other called himself Kolar. I'm sure these two don't have any connection with UFO aliens. I think of them more as inter-dimensional vagabonds. Stripes who looks like a normal person seems to be a sweet and gentle soul.

Kolar has been more of a joker, appearing one time with big ears and another time with tiny ears with crystals in them. Who knows what he really looks like? He is non-committal, saying he doesn't know the answers to what Pamela asked him because he does not know what goes on in other rooms.

Pamela has had problems with ghosts and I want to briefly record here some of what she said.

"Don, I just wanted to tell you that I see dead spirits and feel their presence around me. It's been going on now for over four weeks. I just cannot make it stop. I smell flowers in my house when there is none. Someone touches my hair or presses down on my tummy at night. I see my dear friend Marie once in a while talking to me in a transparent floating body."

Pamel continued, "I asked Stripes what does this mean and she said not to worry. Who is it? Why is this happening to me? I went in the bookstore today and someone sat on a chair and I sat on top of the dead person. It is very strange the way they seem to follow me home. I have them watching me now as I write this to you. What could this be? I am not scared or anything but it seems like they go home with me from some other place. Are they lonely? How do I make them all leave?"

8. The Tall Hooded Gliders by the Sea

The scene is near St. Johns on the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. The advanced abductee Laurie, is so psychic she is sought after by the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) on crime cases. This amazing person is loved by wild animals. One Lynx will come into her house. She has had so many encounters and the physical results to her body, that it is not possible to explain them all here. I will use her own words to as she describes three types of beings she is familiar with.

Now let me point out to you that early on I said I would mention several cases in which our ever present UFO type aliens would be included in this article. These next two cases are next.

Laurie's descriptions briefly werre, "I described for you the hooded figures in their flowing black cloaks. Their face is long - similar to an alligator or reptile and greyish in color. They are very tall with no hair. They sometimes are in my home here. Also I am inviting you to come up here and I will take you to the old seaside church and graveyard where at dusk or early dawn these beings in their robes can be seen gliding about. We have slowly approached getting closer but when they move toward us, we get out of there."

Laurie was not kidding about her invitation and I would have loved to have gone there by the sea with its crashing waves and see this sight. However, I could not go and being unable to afford that expense, and more importantly, my wife took a very dim view of such an idea.

Laurie continued, "Now the white lady that I told you about has blonde hair, peaceful serene features, and kind blue eyes (Nordic alien type). The 4 foot tall being has a very narrow chin, flat features and a nose that is oriental-like. His big eyes are light blue and friendly. There is no hair or eyebrows. His skin is a sort of taupe brown-grey, like leather and rubber."

Laurie explained more, "I saw him again this morning when I was awakening. His body is thin, with thin arms and legs. He wears a suit that looks like metal but it is sort of like cloth. He had a design on the left side where we would have a pocket. It is a black and blue triangle one interposed over the other. He told me he did not know my sinus was bothering me and that they would take the object out and they would do something else but I can't remember what. I think it has to do with my upper spine. My back has had so many scoop marks."

Laurie and I were in touch for quite a while and she learned some of the answers to some of the riddles of her life. She seems resigned to her life with the aliens and tries to live a near normal life.

9. Beings of Light and Exlan

Dawn is one of the most extraordinary abductee-psychics that I have ever met. Her ancestry originates in Lousiana where her grandfather was an Indian tribal chief. I will not attempt to explain about this remarkable woman and instead use her exact words so maybe you can understand.

Dawn said, "Mr. Worley, as soon as I started reading your letter the masters of light came into my vision. These elders are three beings of light I don't know from where but who have guided me for the last five years. They are new to me. They are human looking, about 40 or 50 years in age, white robed, tan greyish hair, and strange colored eyes and hair."

Dawn continued, "They would like for you to go into silence and meditate so they can get in touch with you. It is time for you to receive guidance from the higher God planes they reside in. They are here to give us love and support. They have really helped me. Their ray is magenta-colored. They say you have been trained in spiritual matters -- in your soul.You are a master here to learn ET matters and help others. You must learn to tune into the their higher planes again."

Dawn said, "People need all the guidance they can get. Their minds have been clouded. You Mr. Worley, have helped so many many people. Master blue eyes also came into view as I was receiving information from the elders. He wants you to call on him for ET information and guidance. He spelled the name 'Exlan' out for me, and he is around you often."

Dawn clarified, "Exlan is an Aztec-Nordic man living in Mexico at the present time. He is alive and well and can travel out of body to where he wishes to go. He is over six feet tall, kind of muscular, sandy blond hair andblue eyes. He is proud of what you are doing and appreciates you helping people. He and other groups need your help. They can't approach people and give help and guidance like you can. When you can, take a look at your bright light. You are a master in earth body. All these people are lost. Rest your mind and body when necessary but please continue your work of light. This message came from Exlan."

10. A Personal Message from Korea

I have included this last paranormal episode for you to read and think about because it means so much to me. It happened to me and my family. The Korean War was going on and my only brother Jack, age 23, was on the front line at Heartbreak Ridge in the hills of North Korea. My wife Patricia was ill in an Indianapolis hospital so I was sleeping upstairs in Jack's room at my father's house.

On about 2:00 a.m. on August 27, 1951, I was awakened by the spotlight beam of Jack's Pontiac that was parked in the driveway down below the upstairs window shining up through the window. The beam came upward through the window and illuminated the hallway near my room. I went down to turn the light off and found no one around anywhere. I turned the light off.

Of course I wondered why the light had suddenly come on and was aimed up toward the hall window. I had just gotten back in bed and there the light was again shining in the hall window. I again went down and turned the light off. My father and mother had now awakened and my mother, who sensed the significance of this auspicious event, marked the day this happened on the kitchen calendar. It turned out to be the day that Jack, a squad leader, and his squad were blown up by a land mine on Heartbreak Ridge. Jack had returned to tell us he was not really dead after all.

Standing In God's Light: In End Times
Standing In God's Light: In End Times
by Ann Druffel and Armand Marcotte
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