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Donald Worley: Reasons and Timeline for Conclusions about the Dublin - Centerville, Indiana Haunted Area

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Reasons and Timeline for Conclusions about the Dublin - Centerville, Indiana Haunted Area

A. The children's drownings, the murder of the Stanley sisters in 2007, and the appearance of the Cry Woman entity and the ghost lights, indicate this demented, disembodied woman's spirit is indeed present in the area. I have had earthbound deceased entities haunt a person or a house but this one haunts an entire community. My Sylvia case in southwest Fayette County in Indiana is very similar.

B. It is a true verified fact that all the child drownings are concentrated in a very small area in the Dublin-East Germantown axis. This is a startling rarity not seen anywhere else and it is indicative that something is amiss and taking place.

C. It is a true verified fact that all the drownings with the exception of little 6 year old Jana Hunter took place when the children were alone and no adult was present to save them .This suggests something predatory was present and chose this time to act.

With Jana, her family was present and her mother saw her daughter look up, smile and go under the water and drown. Three of the family had fallen off a limestone cliff in Simmons Creek and only the mother looked up to see Jana go under. Now with the two drownings casually mentioned by the Dublin Funeral Director, I am assuming they too were alone when they drowned.

D. It is a verified fact the Cry Woman entity has long shown an addiction to children , and also an attraction to teens , seemingly girls, because we have her appearing as the crying robed ghost to the 4 teens on SR 44 and as a ghost light to 6 teens near the iron bridge. Also she was caught on film next to the Hagerstown teen.

E. Now in the tragedy of sisters Erin and Kelly Stanley, the cement minded authorities who have just ignored me when I have told them what is going on, are bent on sending poor unlucky innocent James McFarland to many years in the state prison.

James was asleep beside Erin, his girlfriend, and the woman he planned to marry and the mother of his baby. Meanwhile, the whole countryside thinks he decided in the middle of the night to choke her to death. Really now, he would have to be crazy to do such a foolish thing like this. We have been in contact and James says he is bewildered by it all. Really, where is his motive?

Then let's consider the death of Erin's sister, normal healthy Kelly, 6 days later also in the wee hours of the morning in a locked house with her parents. They couldn't blame James because he was in the next town. So they dreamed up that she choked just like Erin who was distraught and had a seizure. Really what a flimsy excuse for a death.

The horrible truth is the same unseeable killer who has taken the 11 children into her realm with her also decided she wanted Erin then returned to take sister Kelly. The Cry Woman entity has taken more than one life before at a time.

How does she kill so swiftly and silently? I don't know of a case in which a more malevolent entity can use physical force to kill. However they can somehow affect a human mind by overriding their subconscious mental processes and cause them to do a fatal act or cease a vital body function.

With the children it was an induced fatal act. With the Stanley sisters, it was the disruption of a vital body function. This had to happen to the throats of Erin and Kelly causing the pathologists trouble in saying just what happened that caused their deaths.

F. Recent developments -- Through friends, James learned that I know why he lost Erin . He called me on the phone and I responded by mail explaining things to him and we both had hoped that I could get to be on the witness stand in his defense at the new trial date of March 11, 2008.

I had sent some information to Terry O'Mally the lawyer James chose and talked briefly to him . I was saddened to learn that this attorney was totally closed minded and he was very rude and angry with me on the phone. He then sent me a letter that threatened me with a class A Misdemeanor if I contacted him or James again.

Then James wrote me and I sent James a copy of this letter and said we cannot be in contact. So as far as I know I will not be able to help James and he will get prison. I pointed out to him that much more is at stake than his life.

Saving James is only secondary. Since I learned how Jana died in 1970 I have lived here 15 miles south and watched a series of news reports of children drowning and I have been very alarmed and frustrated and tried my best to awaken law enforcement in the area and the newspaper with the fact they have a serial killer in their midst, but I have gotten no response.

With the latest killings of the Stanley sisters, I thought surely I could wake them up but I am only thought to be some kind of a nut I suppose. The awful fact is Cry Woman is eternal for all human intelligence never dies, it just moves to a different place. If she is not stopped there will be more and more deaths as the years roll on.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Whereas, instead of making the tragic mistake of sending James to prison and letting Cry Woman stay on her murderous ways, if they would listen to me the outcome could be a free James and what I would urge them to get in contact with the Parapsychology Department at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina and employ an experienced field psychic to come and confront Cry Woman and cause her to leave the area. .

G. In talking to closed minded law enforcement officials, I learned they consider any strange stories told them by sincere persons as "off the wall stuff" and not worth of any consideration so who knows what all has actually happened in the area? Also no one has kept an accurate record of child drownings or strange teen deaths similar to those of the Stanley sisters. I'm sure there is probably more than my limited efforts uncovered.

Timeline of Events in the Cry Woman Mystery

* Summer of 1937 car crash at crossroads south of Dublin.

* Death of Cry Woman. Baby not hurt.

* Summer 1963 Jana Hunters death due to induced drowning.

* Fall 1970 I start investigation and learn of Jana Hunters dreams and strange drowning. Also learn of at least two drownings that occurred sometime after 1937 and before 1963.

* 1967 Ghost light paces 6 teens in auto near iron bridge.

* Feb 1968 Gliding human form in white robe seen by 4 teens at cement bridge on SR 40. Pitiful crying heard.

* 1972 four Tuft children drown.

* 1976 Mills baby drowns.

* 1983 Rose Child drowns.

* 1984 I am very disturbed at what is going on and write a letter to the Wayne County sheriff and the Richmond Item Newspaper telling them they have a disembodied serial killer in their midst. The Item Newspaper does a fun making article about me mentioning my belief about the unseen killer in only one line. No response from sheriff.

* 1998 Two Campbell children drown.

* Jan 2004 In Hagerstown park, the Cry Woman is caught on film in her ghost light form as she moves next to a teen age girl. Here we have visual proof that she is still around, still interested in female teens, and can move at least 10 miles north from her usual locality around Dublin.

* 2005 I write the Cry Woman article and put it on my website and send it to the Item Newspaper and Wayne County sheriff. No response.

* 2007 Sept 1 and Sept 7 The murders of sisters Erin and Kelly Stanley. This is about 10 miles east of the drowning area.

* 2007 Sept 15 I send all my information on Cry Woman to Commander and detectives local state police post, sheriff of Wayne County, detective in charge at Centerville, and talk to him, along with the Item Newspaper. I make a special trip to talk to reporter Bill Engle and show him my information but am only given about 10 minutes. I leave my map poster and time line poster with him. No acknowledgement that any of these sources ever received anything from me.

2008 January The toll of this demented, disembodied woman is at least 13 young people to date. It all started 72 years ago and since Cry Woman is an immortal spirit this killing can go on forever if it is not somehow stopped.

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