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Donald Worley: The Tribulations of Alien Abductees

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

The Tribulations of Alien Abductees

The data from an uncountable mass of Earth's abduction cases and the few I will briefly mention show the alien abduction agenda is very complex in both events and in the individuals involved. On a personal level it is deeply disturbing and transforming.

My many cases over the years have taught me not to be surprised at anything.


David Lee knows he was abducted as a child by Grays. Now he fears it can still be going on. He is very paranoid, feels watched, afraid to be alone, and most importantly, he carries a gun for he plans to not let it happen to him again.


Gabrella Sanchez is a black female lawyer in Panama. I quote her lamentations about her alien contact.

"About me wanting to cross over to where the Nordics live - I understand now but I still don't belong here. I don't care where they are taking me, that is where I want to be. I am so complete and happy there."

Gabrella continued, "So flesh can't cross dimensions? Whatever mission they have for me here I hate it and I'm not turning back. Thank you so much for making it all clear, for telling me who and what I am, and taking all the time to explain all this stuff to me."


Don Marna feels aliens have ruined his life. The heartless aliens have implanted such a powerful implant in this man's brain cavity that his life is essentially ruined. He is very intelligent but cannot function due to frequent inner-cranial storms that cause him to lose control of his own body. Therefore he has to live nearly helplessly with his own parents.

Recently Don said to me, "You do not know how I appreciate your patience and dedication to my terrible problems. Thanks so much. The Resistance Methods you have taught me will form a part of my new way of living. I will keep on trying until good things come out of them."

Perhaps here is a case that I have won. In the end it at all depends on the victim, their wonderful mind, and the never ending application of what I have taught them.


Alan Winsor desperately sought my help but it appears the foe is just too powerful. He has an implant near his brain stem and another one down in his scrotum.

Alan recently asked, "How on earth can I tell a doctor about this? If removed them, what would the ones do who put it there? Do you think it is a physical object? If so, maybe even a living something? Have you ever heard of something like this down there?

Alan's questions continued. "What could be the purpose of such a thing--a parasite or some other purpose? Do you know what the electric current is all about?

Alan also wondered what impact an implant would have on the sexual relationship or health of his wife. "While I'm at it, can my wife get infected? We have been having sex now for over 6 years and she never mentions anything. I had this thing down there long before we ever met."

Alan understood the implication of having several implants and how indescribable they were to discuss with other people. He explained, "I don't think you can describe to anybody the sheer torture of something like this year in and year out until you come to the point where you have to enjoy it or otherwise you will cut it out or kill yourself. Well, I choose to enjoy. This is crazy but now I really do."

I lost contact with this distressed man and I do not have a very good feeling about the outcome of his case.


Ruth Simmons served in the army in Alaska and spent 2005 and 2006 in Iraq. While also beset by the aliens, her courage also shows in her encounters with them.

Here Ruth explains about one episode with aliens. "I think they came for me every so often because I am very strong. Sometimes I have tried to resist them. Once I was on a table in an upright or standing position and around me were four little beige aliens, two tall blonds, and a dark curly haired man."

Ruth continued to describe her captivity. "They had secured my upper body and were attempting secure my legs. While they were doing this a robotic arm was moving into position over my lower abdomen. I kicked my left leg up and actually impaled myself on a sharp edge that was under the robotic arm."

Ruth said, "The little beige aliens became frantic and I got the feeling that they were distressed like, 'She hurt herself! She hurt herself!'"

Ruth continued, "One of the blond aliens came and put his hand over my injury and wiped off my leg and then I saw that my leg was healed but there was a scar! That is when the dark haired man mind talked to me and told me not to worry the scar would eventually fade away and my leg would look like it always had."

Ruth considered her other scar marks from having given birth. "So, I asked him to get rid of my c-section and my stretch marks. He smiled and told me he couldn't do that. I asked him why not and he said because people will know we are here. I said well what if I tell people you are here? Then he said well no one will believe you. I said "Yep, you are right, no one will."


For many years, the aliens would come for Andy Reed about once a month and as he grew older, the frequency became less. Andy has often found unexplained wounds on himself upon awakening.

In addition to bruises, Andy has a 4 inch straight line scar on his stomach. There is another scar on his chest where he said aliens put three small lights in the shape of a triangle. It was still bleeding.

Here in Andy's troubled words, he tries to describe his ordeals. "When I was young I would find blood in my pajamas and on my penis. I am telling you these things I have never told anyone else. There is so much to tell."

Andy continued, "The aliens would always come for me about 1 a.m. and return me about 3 a.m. Those hours still terrify me too often. I compare my experiences to a woman being raped. I know the abductions are the reason for my panic attacks."


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

"I know all this sounds crazy but I wanted to fight back, but never could. I've wanted to tell someone who would believe me and I feel safe with you for you won't commit me to a mental hospital. I have been there and it is not fun."

"My loved ones thought I was going crazy. My abductors have big heads, big black eyes, with dark skin but it is not grey. One time they let me see a young boy and he looked human. He had blonde hair and light skin and that is all I can remember."

Additional comments by researcher: The abducted humans are sometimes shown the babies they supposedly originated. This abductee is very worried about his own kids. In many cases the sly aliens will also take children. In one case, the abductee moved to three states but they still got her little daughter anyway.

Concerning committal to mental facilities, I have saved some abductees from this. Worse things can happen like to the man in Colorado and another in Texas who were consumed with fear by the voices in their heads, doubted their own sanity, and leaped to their deaths. If I could have found them I could have saved them.

In a Michigan case haunted by the MIB, a woman sasses the aliens back and is not about to jump anywhere. I told her, "It has been my pleasure to tell some people they are not "nuts."

In this struggle to help abductees, my worst failure has been when an ex-naval intelligence officer hung himself leaving behind a wife and 3 children. Believing him stabilized, much to my sorrow, I had moved on to other cases.


Angie Brown read an article by me in FATE magazine and wrote me in hopes I could somehow help her. Her case stands out in my memory because she was the gal who put an Atlantic City, New Jersey casino into shock.

Often an abductee is mysteriously powered up and will cause disruption of electrical and electronic systems. I call it the EM (electro-magnetic) effect and presently I am working with a case where the man has a real problem and could lose his job because of the effects he has on the machinery and technical devices where he works.

But back to Angie -- she innocently walked by a row of slot machines and suddenly they all began to disgorge coins much to the joy of the players and shock of the casino employees.

Here in her own words Angie tries to describe her dreadful abduction experiences at the hands of the aliens. "For as long as I can remember, I have had these frightening things happen with these alien beings and I don't know who they are. I hear them in my head and see them in this reality."

She said, "I've seen different types in a variety of shapes and sizes. There have been the gray standard aliens, the short disfigured stocky blue aliens with no neck, the tall blonde haired humanoid aliens, and the tall aliens that appear to have leathery faces which are almost praying mantis in appearance."

"The praying mantises concern me the most because they can float over surfaces keeping their arms to their sides. The most harrowing thing about them is they stop about 4 to 6 feet away and then extend their necks forward projecting their heads to within inches of my face."

Angie said, "The mantises usually appear in the early hours of morning and float through the walls or ceiling. I usually wake up to intense heat and thirst. I see a glowing oval of light appear on the wall or above me and they glide through this opening."

Angie explained, "There is a sweet smell and a paralyzing effect takes over upon the arrival of the mantises, so that I can't help but stare at them in stunned silence. On occasion I have stood my ground telling them to leave me alone but it has no effect. No two types of aliens come at the same time and when aliens do come, my cats and dog take off."

"The aliens 'mind speak' and their visits come more often in the spring or when I am menstruating. Now all this could be imagined right? Well for a while I tried to think I was crazy."

"Then my new carpet began to be covered with patches of this black oily substance. We sent baby jars of it to several reputable sources but never did find out anything about it. We searched all over for anyone or anything that could have naturally created this mysterious black stuff and got no where."

Researcher's final comments: It is impossible to know the total number of earthlings taken repeatedly in this immense alien abduction effort. For whatever reason, it is of primary importance to the space-time dimensional intelligence behind it.

Its focal point is the gathering of human eggs, sperm, blood, fetus retrieval, hybrid creation, and cloning. This far superior alien intelligence must know what lies ahead for the beautiful little blue and green planet called Earth.

In a large percentage of cases the person or persons is shown or told and warned that monstrous, cataclysmic times are coming for Earth. I believe this is the vital and true reason behind the aliens' huge secret abduction effort.

Standing In God's Light: In End Times
Standing In God's Light: In End Times
by Ann Druffel and Armand Marcotte
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