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Donald Worley: Tall or Cloaked MIB - The Patsy Wingate Case #4

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Tall or Cloaked MIB - The Patsy Wingate Case #4

Patsy, who lived in the Appalachian mountain region of Kentucky, has had all manner of paranormal activity all through her life. My data of 37 years shows that an overwhelming percentage of abductees have Native American Indian ancestry, so I know her Blackfoot Indian ancestry has something to do with all this.

Patsy's most dramatic abduction was on the night when the Grey type aliens came to take her again and she was pregnant and angry and wanted no part of this. As the short thin beings approached her across the bedroom floor she jumped up and grabbed the middle one of the three by its thin neck. She squeezed, and here was a crack, and its head fell back on its spine.

Startled looks appeared on the faces of its two companions on either side of it. They quickly grabbed the disabled ones arms and, reversed direction in a robotic-like manner, and soon disappeared in the brilliant light that had originally flooded he bathroom.

A shocked Patsy went back to bed full of remorse. She had not intended to hurt anyone. The only time I have ever heard of this sort of thing happening was in a case of Dr. David Jacob's. Patsy has been branded with a "V" containing a reversed "7" inside it, and also a "B" with a circle under it, whatever these may mean.

Once when Patsy was a child, she remembers walking down a forest path with a tall blonde man in a suit. His eyes were gentle and she was transfixed with his face and his wings. He made a squeaking sound instead of talking. At another time, when living near a cemetery, she would see, on a windy night, a figure in a black robe that seemed to be watching her house.

Then again one day in the cemetery, Patsy encountered a tall black-cloaked man with light coming from his face. Was he her guardian angel or the devil? In several different residences overthe years, she and others with her, have had black limousines follow them. They were also followed by what looked like police cars, but they had a low rolling fog that moved with them. In a recent case, another abductee also reported mystery autos with the mist that travels right with them.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

One afternoon as Patsy was driving toward an intersection, she momentarily blacked out. Her husband nudged her and she recovered in time to stop at the intersection. At the intersection was a dark windowed limousine  and a mental voice she  sometimes heard said, "See we can kill you anytime we want to." Black helicopters were also seen by Patsy and those around her.

On one momentous night when this mountain girl Patsy lived near Windblow, North Carolina, in the middle of a huge peach orchard, three black helicopters were in the sky. They seemed to be linked to a huge curved form of lightning that was also there.

On another occasion when the MIB accosted Patsy on her own front porch, her children had climbed up into a nearby tree and they watched what happened. The white faced human-like entities were dressed in silky black suits, white shirts, ties, and dress hats. Using a large needle they filled a vial with Patsy's blood then departed.

Stay tuned for next we look at poor cotton farmer Watts whose life was totally ruined by the MIB. His last words to me were from his cell in Texas State Prison.

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