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Donald Worley: Reverend Paul and his Lifetime Union with a Nordic Alien Named Gold

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Reverend Paul and his Lifetime Union with a Nordic Alien Named Gold

This brilliant, exceptional, pastor possesses a number of degrees, including those in philosophy and medicine, and has many years of successful leadership in his religious order. I am calling him Reverend Paul for this article, and he carries the title of "Most High" bestowed upon on him by the official council of elders in Winnipeg, Canada.

Paul's religious order is much like the Amish in their basic tenets. It originated in northern Europe and flourishes there as well as the western Canadian Provinces. The reverend sought to have me become a Ph.D. in our field in a University he planned in British Columbia, but this proved to be impossible due to the conditions surrounding this religion.

When I first met Reverend Paul, I thought he was a poor preacher man unaware of alien abductions, but I was in for a shock. I learned that he and many people in his religious order are familiar with the type of blonde aliens we call the Nordics.

These tall, attractive, usually long blonde haired, blue eyed, aliens project an aura of serenity and love. In 45 years Paul estimates that he has been with these "non-Terrains" as he calls them for extended lost periods around 300 times.

Paul refers to one special male Nordic as "Gold" because of the golden sheen to his eyes. Gold has been involved with Paul since he was a baby in northern Europe. This beautiful male Nordic figure dresses in scintillating body suits or flowing robes and has striking blue eyes that can change color with emotion. Gold is Paul's protector and guide in this life.

This arrangement has been wonderful for the most part; however, it does not mean troublying conditions don't arise and because of these I could sense Paul at times had a stron yearning to be a free and normal person.

Paul describes his intimate association with his friend Gold this way. He said, "You have asked me more than once if Gold respirates. You bet! I've had my head against his chest more times than I can recount. Not only have I heard breath but I have also noted the rising of the chest. When Gold touches me whether in the clinical sense or otherwise, it is as though there is a palpable emanation of energy incorporated into his touch. I get a surge of something that courses through my entire body."

Paul continued. "Gold has body odor. Best I can say is it reminds me of citric acid. Gold's outfit is one piece and it can peel right off him down to and including his feet. It makes me think of Mylar."

"Gold's facial structure is clean of line, yet more faceted than most of ours. Why he has nipples I don't know but they are smooth and not with aureoles like ours. His eyes do indeed blink. I've not seen any obese non-Terrains. Of the few I have seen totally naked, all have possessed complete genitals, though the testicular mass seems to ride up higher than ours."

Paul described the Nordic aliens. "Most are slender, averaging something like 7 feet tall, yet some appear massively muscular. They have thick hair on the head only with hues ranging in the golden bronze shades sometimes orange."

At times when Paul and others around him have been abducted, he refers to places of "indistinction" where he and others have been taken. Paul said, "There is a visible floor that appears to be akin to what we know as ceramic and seamless with colors from white to cream. It looks hard but anything dropped on it has no loud report."

Paul described the places he had been taken by the aliens. "While there have to be walls, they are just hazy to me. I've seen half walls and have been led down corridors yet the walls are hazy."

I asked Paul if he saw rooms with ceilings. "You asked about ceilings. Here too it's hazy but the aliens have equipment hanging suspended from ceilings and this is clearly seen."

I asked Paul what kind of alien furnishings he saw. Paul said, "Furniture like that found in human living rooms? Nope! Yet there are benches that apparently are just hanging freely in the air. I have a journal entry that tells me that the hard benches can somehow conform to the human buttocks."

I asked Paul about alien restroom facilities. Paul said, "You want to know about a toilet aboard those places of indistinctness? Yeah! There have been times when I had to go and I wasn't hooked up to some gizmo that sucked it out of me."

I asked Paul to describe the alien gizmo. Paul continued, "It reminds me of an Asian toilet. You squat if you are defecating over a hole-like spot and there is some suction to it so that the excrement goes whooshing into the hole. And yes I have seen non-terrains entering and exiting the same cubicles."

Yet in spite of Paul being Gold's own special human associate, I sensed Paul was suffering physically and asked him about it. Paul told me he would often awaken to find the aliens had done something physical to his genitalia or reproductive system. He might find a bloody T-shirt or blood in the vicinity of his groin. Often he has had to suffer through testicular, prostate or urethral damage.

Paul describes a type of steely-eyed, short, fur-bearing alien worker associated with the Nordic aliens which he calls the "Teckies" because they do all the physical labor and procedures during an abduction. Nordics don't do the menial labor.

In other cases I have studied, I noticed contacts between these religious rural forest dwellers and the presence of UFOs seemed rare, whereas in the United States and especially the lower Americas, UFOs are very much there.

The regular Gray-type alien seems to be excluded in these northern zones. No UFOs were noticed or mentioned when a group of people from Paul's religious sect when hiking in Glacier National Park in Montana and approached a geologic feature called, "The Garden Wall."


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Without missing a beat, the group suddenly found themselves five miles beyond this wall with several hours of missing time and no memory or explanation of how they traversed this distance.

In 1963 in North Dakota's Icelandic State Park, 7 hikers passed out. They did not see a UFO and regained consciousness the next day.

In 1965 on an island in the Wisconsin River, 7 more boys were abducted in a similar manner.

In 1995, 11 boys from this religious group were on a float trip in Northern Maine when they were struck by a blue beam of light as they slept around the glowing embers of their camp fire. Able only to breathe and move their eyes, they were drawn upward into the light, sleeping bags and all, toward a source of light. All these abduction incidents involved focusing on the male sexual organs and their spark of life - the sperm.

Here in Paul's own words is his description of the Nordics most astonishing broad daylight appearance among these people. "If memory serves me right, it was late August 1978. Just about all our brethren who would be participating in ritual were out on the landscape. That would make about 400 men, women, children and many animals."

Paul continued, "The Nordics appeared just as we were commencing our march to our most holy place. One second they were not there, and the next second they were. The few brethren who were facing the direction in which they appeared saw a rippling in the air, not unlike that of heat, just prior to the arrival of the non-terrains."

Paul explained, "An abrupt silence descended on the brethren when they realized just who had joined our party. It was five Nordics, led by my buddy Gold. He was the only obvious masculine one. The others were of the non-gendered variety as far as we could see."

Paul said, "As chief functionary, I approached Gold. Mentally Gold said to me they wished to witness the ritual in person. They hung around for its entirety, and then went back to the same spot where they had arrived before departing in the same manner."

We cannot help but wonder about the nature of these wondrous alien beings. Are they truly flesh while here? The Reverend's intimate observations wherever the Nordics took him would seem to indicate they were physically here.

If so they must be a higher form of the normal Nordics present in so many abductions occurring worldwide. But if made of flesh, how can they be ethereal and vanish into nothingness, back to their original state whatever and wherever that is?

Due to some of the acts they perform, we can't call them glorious angels at least not by our scriptural, or moral code. Their actions still parallel all Nordic alien activities elsewhere.

And where is their alien home? If we go by the testimony of Reverend Paul and his "indistinct" spaces, their home is in the sky and most likely a parallel dimension where no flesh can exist.

In Reverend Paul's incredible drama, we see him in a close lifetime union with his powerful mentor Gold, achieving many wonderful things, leading his flock, meanwhile staying safe from any harm, even though he survived two airplane crashes.

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Standing In God's Light - In End Times
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