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Donald Worley: Remembering Those People Who Vanished Forever

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Remembering Those People Who Vanished Forever

An unknown number of persons in Earth's populace disappear. There is an array of possible reasons why these people never return, and I choose to not go into all of them. I want only to concentrate on one certain category of victims in which it is abundantly clear who caused their demise.

This insidious, space-time, near-omnipotent intelligence, commonly called UFOs, has been with us for a long time. In its stepped up activities in Earth's environment, it is quite evident who the culprit behind these inhumane crimes are as they cruelly snatch helpless humans off the face of the earth.

According to the FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC), the number of missing persons reported to law enforcement increased from 151,341 in 1982 to 876,213 in 2000 which is an increase of 468 %. Of this total, 85% were juveniles and 152,265 were in the endangered category.

Now we know these totals can be subdivided into categories attributable to family, non-family-strange-sex offenders (563,806 out there in 2005) causes, etc. However there will always remain a total in which no solution ever exists.

In this total, it is perfectly logical to assume those who have been engaged in the great relentless temporary abduction of humans for so long, also on some occasions, abduct persons, aircraft, and ships and do not return the victims involved.

This is not something we want to think about but, but none the less, it is a stark reality. Helpless, covert government operations can never reveal what they know for massive panic would arise.

This awesome malevolent drama has been played out for us in past years especially in the Caribbean and Southwestern North Atlantic Ocean. For example, the disappearance of Flight 19 out of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is well documented.

What could have happened to these 5 Avenger-Torpedo Bombers on that fine day? It was only a short training flight. Each plane had a portable SOS radio that automatically transmits on contact with the sea. Why were they never heard from again? What happened to cause the flight leader to say, "Everything is wrong-strange? We can't be sure of any direction. Even the ocean doesn't look as it should."

Then a Martin Mariner Flying Boat was sent out to look for them and it too disappeared. A vast sea search by 300 planes and 21 ships went on for weeks. Not a trace of anything was found. Six aircraft and 21 seamen were swallowed up in a truly shocking, incredible event.

One of the strangest episodes in this area happened when a silver plane with red and green wing tip lights crashed into the ocean a hundred yards in front of the Daytona Beach hotel. It was about 10 a.m. and many witnesses were spectators. An immediate search found nothing.

In December 1988, many witnesses in the Puerto Rico towns of Lajas and Cabo Rojo watched in amazement as two Navy jets were being taken onboard by a gigantic, glowing UFO triangle.

UFO activity has always been heavy in the islands of the Caribbean. Aircraft vanishings have also been frequent. I will list only the name of the aircraft and number of persons lost, if known, in the 50 year period 1930 to 1980.

Martin Mariner -19, B 25-9, PB4YW-15, 5 TBM Avengers-14, Martin Mariner-13, C54 Superfort, Star Tiger-31, DC3-35, York Transport-39, Navy PBY -8, Navy Constellation-42, B25 Cargo-3, Navy P5M-10, Airforce KB50-8, Two Airforce KC-235 Jets-11, C135 Globemaster-13, AF Cargo AC119-10, Piper Cherokee-2, YC122 aircraft, Beachcraft B-4, Beachcraft twin-2, TACargo-2, Cessna122-2, Phantom11F4Jet, Mavion Air-2, BeachcraftB-4, PBMMartinMariner-19, Cherokee6-6, Lockheed Lode Star-4, and Twin Beech Craft-3.

I have not included some smaller aircraft in this list. Why were no floating corpses or debris found after these disappearances?

In recent years up to 2009, one does not hear of aircraft disappearances in the area. Is it because alien intelligence has changed its operational aims and has no perfected in home abduction through walls and ceiling?

I remember in the early days of the 1950s - 1960s, UFO technology utilized outdoor rural and auto levitation for obtaining persons. It is not difficult to see the changing progression of alien intrusion into our midst.

There have been aircraft kidnappings in other parts of the world other than the region I have just highlighted.

Eugene Metcalf of Paris, Illinois insisted he watched a UFO gobble up a jet fighter. As he watched the jet speed across the Illinois sky, a gigantic bell shaped craft descended over it, then the great UFO object sped upward and vanished. A jet fighter reportedly did disappear in that location on that day in March 1955.

In November 1953, an all weather F-86 jet was vectored in on an unknown UFO object flying over the sensitive Soo Locks in Upper Michigan. The CCI controller watched as the jet caught up and the two blips merged.

Only one blip rapidly moved off the radar screen. Search and rescue planes scoured the area for days. No trace was ever found of Felix Monica and R.R Wilson or the airplane they vanished in.

One night in October 1978, young Fredrick Valentich was flying his Cessna 128 over Bass Strait in Australia. An unidentified long aircraft he could not identify began to match his evasive maneuvers.

Pilot Valentich's last transmission was, "It is not an aircraft. My engine is rough idling." After a loud metallic sound, there was only silence. A Fuji single engine airplane, a Tiger Moth, and a racing sloop also vanished in this locality. No trace was ever found of anything.

Most ship disappearances in the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico areas are attributed to natural causes and weather disturbances. A Coast Guard Congressional subcommittee hearing revealed that more than 600 yachts and their crews had mysteriously vanished in this geographic region during a period from mid-1971 to 1974.

It is safe to assume much of this has its origin in the intense drug smuggling going on in these areas. More recently 6 yachts were found abandoned in a small area.

I will list the freighters and lost personnel, if known, that have vanished in these areas, but I have not listed all the smaller vessels such as Yachts, Schooners, fishing boats, etc. This is for the same time period as the aircraft I previously listed.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Anglo, Glona Colite, Proteus, Nereus, Santa Clara, Paulus, Rubicon, Wild Goose, Stan Ariel-20, City Belle-22, Sandra-35, Sao Paula-8, South District-23, Sulphur Queen-39, Ithaca Island-29, Milton Latrides-30, Carbe-28, Imbrose-22, and Dorsia. Where did these very large ships vanish to?

All this is very hard to comprehend yet these events comprise officially recorded happenings. The areas also have many other strange things happen in them.

In 1969 the two lighthouse keepers at Isaac Light Bahamas disappeared. Their launch was still in place. Fast moving elongated globes visible under the surface of the sea were seen speeding away from the site.

I was friends with the late radio announcer and UFO and paranormal author and researcher Frank Edwards. He uncovered several very interesting cases that also involved missing people.

Mr. Edwards authored many successful books on UFOs such as Flying Saucers - Serious Business.

Ships and planes have vanished in the vast reaches of the Pacific Ocean, too. The island trading schooner Joyita was found abandoned off Fiji and the 25 persons aboard the schooner were never seen again. A circular section of the boat's upper structure was burned.

Four years later and 3,500 miles away, a wine bottle washed up on the shore at Wrilota Beach, Australia. A hastily scribbled note in the bottle read, "Abandoning ship. Strange circular metal object forcing us aboard it. Help us." It was signed by the missing steward of the Joyita schooner.

Frank Edwards also reported on the strange case of a village on the shore of Lake Anjikuni 500 miles north of Churchill, Canada. On a windy, frigid day in November of 1930, trapper Joe Labelle stopped to see his friends at the village.

The trapper's cries were answered only by the moaning of the wind through the crackling cold branches of the trees, for not a soul remained in the village.

The trapper found his friends' guns leaning against the walls of their huts. Their clothing was still there. He found a certain kind of berry in the cooking pots and realized their last meal must have been prepared months ago.

Outside, the dogs were found dead of starvation still attached to the ropes which tied them up. The village kayaks were found pulled up on the beach. The body of one Eskimo had been removed from its grave.

In those harsh bitterly cold regions of Canada, no one goes off leaving his gun, clothing, and dogs and Eskimos do not disturb their dead. Skilled trackers found no sign on the tundra that the inhabitants had left the village.

A lengthy and thorough investigation by the Northwest Mounted Police and Canadian Pathologists failed to find an answer to this riddle. Something suddenly removed the 30 hapless inhabitants from their village.

I have written this article in memory of all those people who have suddenly vanished. My desire has been to stimulate your thinking on what has happened in the past and even now is still happening.

I want to mention one small insignificant case and in our minds have it represent all the uncountable youth who have vanished suddenly from our midst. I am sure those treacherous forces who are guilty of past crimes are now still active.

The unsolved case involves sweet little 6 year old Etna Patty who left home to catch his school bus. Somewhere along the two blocks before he got to his bus, he vanished without a trace and was never found.

Then there are the missing person cases from Alaska as seen in the move "The Fourth Kind." This movie was about missing people from Alaska and focused on one little girl who vanished and never returned. Although the newspaper reports seemed to indicate the victims were drunks who wandered off, this group of people never returned and their bodies were never found.

The proxy actress did a good job portraying the mother as the mother on divided film stated her case. In real life, the father may have shot himself over it and the mother was still ill in bed over the tragedy. She was certain that both she and her daughter were abducted by aliens and only she returned. The cops were going to arrest the mother but were talked out of it by a friend but they did take the son away from her.

This was the extent of the drama in the movie with no mention of a UFO until the trailer after the movie ended where some witnesses claimed to have seen a UFO. A cop watching the woman's home did see a lot of light in the sky but that is as near as they got to acknowledging possible UFO involvement.

The move contained no real abduction scenes, no aliens, etc. It just used hypnosis and the persons going wild and screaming. The movie did have a couple of blurred scenes of what looked like levitation from bed. The movie combined fact with drama though the alien side of things was really downplayed too much for me in the movie.

So it is in memory of all the other mysteriously vanishing souls that I have written this article.

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