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Donald Worley: Abductee Martha Carnes Goes Airborne in her Car

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Abductee Martha Carnes Goes Airborne in her Car

Alan Hynek, PhD, official science consultant to the Air Force for the UFO Study known as Project Blue Book, and Jacques Vallee, PhD, a leading French scientist, author, and researcher, both wanted to have Martha Carnes hypnotically regressed to further explore the bizarre alien levitation of her car, but it could not be arranged in conservative Indiana.

It was the busy UFO year of 1967 and a wave of UFO vehicular levitations was occurring across the United States and Canada. In Canada I published an article comparing data on this unexplained phenomenon.

A Saskatchewan rancher was also levitated in his auto around this same time. What was going on and why were cars with people in them being levitated?

Martha Carnes was not a woman seeking publicity. She was a rural farm widow who worked in a nursing home in Madison, Indiana, about 50 miles south of me by the Ohio River.

Martha was an exceptionally spiritual person and regularly prayed to God in a quiet secluded spot in the woods near her home. The incredible sage of Martha and her alien visitors may have begun when she was 5 years old and fell off her horse injuring her head.

After Martha's accident, her psychic abilities blossomed and her life changed. A strange glowing light would appear near her in the darkness. She soon discovered she was different than other kids. She knew events would happen before they did.

Martha could go to an old house, pick up a rock in the yard, go home and lay it on her dresser, and that night would see the dead persons who once lived there in that old house.

Martha's psychic exploits have been memorable through the years. One November night in 1967 as she drove homeward, two silver UFO discs and a huge luminous cloud, that may not have been a cloud, followed her the entire distance of 14 miles to her home.

Martha was shaking with fright when she got home. Two weeks later another UFO repeated this event. The UFO was soundless, had windows in it, and caused the area to suffer a power blackout. The UFO tracking Martha was there as she got off work after midnight on Dec 8, 1967. The UFO was a large, orange glowing, deep bowl shaped craft.

As Martha drove down Chicken Run Road, she said her car felt like it was grabbed by something. She began to sting all over and the air around her became very hot. Martha heard a humming sound and smelled a strange odor.

Martha's neck seemed to be locked in a vice because she could not turn her head. All she could do was grip the steering wheel with both hands in total fear.

The sensation of being on the road was lost as Martha seemed to spin down a tunnel. She thought she must be having some kind of seizure, then to her relief, the tires hit the road and the car rolled to a stop.

Martha fell into a stupor, dazed, unsure of when she actually drove on home. At home she was in a very miserable condition. Her head, neck, and spine hurt badly and she saw bright spots were before her eyes. Hot flashes assailed her body and she was swollen badly.

Martha discovered her bra suddenly did not fit and found she had difficulty closing her eyes. Below the vinyl top of her 1967 Buick, she saw what appeared to be rust looking like solid rust on the car's finish.

To Martha's dismay, all the car windows now leaked, the water hose burst, and the battery and radio quit working. Coral Lorenzen of APRO (Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization) of which I was a special field investigator, wanted me to find Martha and I finally did about a month later by contacting the local radio station there.

Martha was glad to meet me and she wanted me to check out her head. She was sure the aliens had put something in it. My instruments found nothing and she refused to go to a hospital because of the prevailing attitude of local citizens who would not believe her story.

During the following month a short alien entity and a large black limousine entered her life. The alien was suddenly standing by her door one day. There was a smell of rotten eggs.

Martha's dog fled and the alien was suddenly gone. Martha would see an unfamiliar limousine waiting on her road with its lights out and then it would turn around in her driveway and leave.

After the levitation experience with the car, Martha's nighttime experiences took on new clarity and dimensions. She would find herself floating high above the earth and was witness to huge floods and flames that engulfed the Earth. She saw dead people everywhere, hanging from trees, piled along roads in the southwest or western part of the United States.

One time Martha saw two aliens walking in the sky and heard them say something about the laws of gravitation and climate but she did not understand anything more than that. Was this a reference to a flip in Earth's magnetic poles which scientists have speculated could happen again?

Martha described the alien visitor as being around 4 feet tall or 120 cm. She guessed his weight to be about 75 pounds with deep set, piercing eyes, and he was wearing gray or dark brown overalls. The alien's chin was very pointed below his slit mouth and his eyebrows met in the middle over his nose.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

Martha saw this short alien standing at the foot of her bed. He held out his arms and mentally told her to come with him and be his. The alien man told her he was twice her age of 56, which would have made him 112 years old. Alien romance is not something to be scoffed at, but Martha was uncertain when she would ever return home, so she refused to go with him.

Later in an altered state, Martha's alien visitor showed her his spacecraft parked out behind her barn. It was silver colored, rounded trailer-like and about 50 feet long. He called it his workshop.

On another occasion Martha found herself at an alien campsite on the banks of a forested lake. Several of these same silver UFO discs were parked behind the trees. She noticed the UFOs had a wavy appearance which was probably some sort of energy field, and they were pulsating in a frequency that hurt her eyes. About a dozen aliens with large black eyes or goggles stood behind her.

In yet another episode, Martha encountered a group of sad humans and one woman tearfully told her they all had been kidnapped.

In October of that year, Martha received her first "treatment" at the hands of the aliens and with friends like that as the saying goes, who needs enemies?

One day while Martha's daughter was pinning up Martha's hair, the daughter discovered a bald spot the size of a silver dollar above Martha's right ear.

Several weeks later in another alien encounter while Martha was paralyzed, she saw a brilliant white light in her bedroom as the aliens did something above her naval and upper leg. Needle marks were found that morning.

More "treatments" were to follow sometimes months apart. One time Martha's bedroom lit up in brilliant white light but this time she could see the aliens coming. There were three of them wearing tight fitting suits and masks. They didn't have any necks and she didn't see any eyes.

This time Martha was in pain all over her body and cried out, "Oh God! Don't let them take me!" When she regained consciousness, she was paralyzed and everything was spinning in circles. The aliens had put Martha on her side and were giving her air it seemed like.

Martha fell back into a deep sleep. She was very sick that morning and had bruises especially painful ones on her arms where the aliens had held her to turn her over.

But it was a "treatment" that came months later that was so bizarre that Martha felt obliged to apologize to me due to its strange weirdness.

First there was the sound of footsteps coming up the stairs to her bedroom, and a tinkling sound like bottles hitting together. An electric shock like a thousand needles hit her. The bedroom began to whirl and she couldn't move anything but her eyes. Martha heard a rustling and something sliding across the floor.

The alien object was a dark, box-like object about two feet long and a foot wide. It slowly moved toward Martha's bed and to her stunned terror, it climbed up on her bed. It positioned itself upon her solar plexus and weighed about 5 pounds and was very hot and motor-like.

The dark box lifted Martha up off the bed and held her there in a floating position for what she thought might be two or three minutes. Then it slowly lowered her back down to her bed, moved off the bed and moved away the same way it had come.

What happened to this kindly farm woman and what could be the meaning of it all? Why did the aliens choose Martha and take her airborne in her car? She can't be telling tall tales for the physical effects were there to her body and to her car.

As for the "treatments" how much of this could be screen memories for what really happened? Due to the flood of other cases and the death of my precious wife, I was able to follow up only briefly on the incredible saga of Martha Carnes, her car flight, and the unexplained "treatments" by her alien visitors.

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