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Donald Worley: Colorado Abductee Sees Perilous Times Ahead

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Colorado Abductee Sees Perilous Times Ahead

I know many of you have heard disaster stories like this before. However, in this instance, I think we better pay close attention for the credibility of this person is at a very high level.

It is also important to note this abductee enjoys an unusual closeness with her Nordic mentor who is probably the informant in all of this. Ann is what I call an elite abductee. There is not much in the gamut of abduction experiences she has not encountered.

Before I go to her own words as she describes her dire predictions of what is coming, I wanted you to know her family consisting of a husband and two children, pulled up stakes from the Midwest and moved to Colorado. In addition to the disruption in their lived created by the relocation, Ann is studying for an advanced degree in Neuroscience and Psychology.

Ann's faith in the extra terrestrial origin of the information she has been receiving is unquestioning. She knows of other people who have pulled up stakes and moved their families across the country to areas they were told would be safe to live. One wonders how many other families around the country or around the world are doing this?

These safe havens of refuge are not only the mountainous regions of the Western USA, but include the Eastern USA and all of Canada except the coastal areas. In Europe the safer places to live are the southern mountain ranges.

In my abduction research I have had 25 cases where the Nordic-type aliens have told or shown the abductee or abducteess scenes of cataclysmic Earth destruction. The trigger of the impending disaster is a magnetic pole shift causing crustal havoc and immense oceanic displacement. Scientists believe such shifts have occurred in Earth's history and may explain why certain species became suddenly extinct. This means today's land masses may soon be underwater permanently as part of the new ocean floor.

Ann is my 26th case and a good one. I now quote her words.

"As far as my reasoning on the time frame and location about the water scenario, I believe that will happen next year in 2010 but will not be the great water scenario we have all felt and seen. This event will be an incident worse than Katrina and as devastating as the Tsunamis in 2004."

"I am certain of the time frame and occurrence happening for several reasons. The main one being that when I have had premonitions before they have always come to pass. I also get these premonitions in mild form."

"For instance, I will be on a normal route home and will suddenly think to turn on a side street. I will keep hearing 'Turn now, turn now.' It is totally irrational and when I try to ignore it and keep going, I get sick at my stomach. Many times I have followed what I hear and avoided a serious accident."

"This is the same situation as the earthquake water vision. When it was over, I knew it was California and I knew the year was 2010. I am a little fuzzy on whether it was Los Angeles or San Francisco because of the hills. I know the earthquake will be in the morning in June or September because it was cool. I don't think any sort of end is coming next year or even the following year, but everything tells me that things are going to start changing rapidly, starting early next year."

"Having these feelings and visions makes it hard to get on with one's life but I do because thinking differently would be pointless. I go on with my life and am completely engrossed in school pursuing an education in Neuropsychology and Psychology that might be a pointless endeavor in the long run."

Ann continues ,"I need to elaborate on the silver fish and rock pile dreams that both my husband and I have been experiencing since August. Some abductees who have had these visions believe only some people will survive planetary mayhem while the rest of the population will perish, with the survivors being the chosen ones or abductees."

"I think the people who are meant to live will survive. My dreams show a world of immense destruction where we just barely survive. However in each of these dreams including the ones that my daughter has had that are strikingly similar to Noah's Ark we seem to be picked up shortly after the flooding and devastation."

"The silver fish I saw rising out of the water, picking up the small group of people I was with, well, I think that was obvious symbolism. Under the piles of rock we dig away we find tunnels. I believe that those who would save us would already be here, and the massive devastation and flooding will not matter to them since they are capable of surviving being underwater and underground away from it all. I know all this sounds wild but I am so certain of it."

Ann has learned there are several other groups who had visions and experiences similar to hers and felt the urge to relocate, disconnect from society, and learn to live off the land. Abduction was mentioned with some groups and with others nothing was heard about it. These groups live all over the world but most are in the United States.

There were a few hundred groups with quite a few in California. Some settled in Colorado and some in Europe and did the same sudden relocation. The high mountains in Colorado, Canada, and France seemed to be some of the more popular destinations as places of refuge for many. Ann made connections with a global organization that seemed to be sincere and reliable and has worked with them.

Ann continued, "I believe in God and always have. These experiences have opened my eyes for examination. I wonder how much of it is actually related to all of this other stuff."

"For example, the Nordics seem to parallel angels and I find the parallels extremely close. I wonder if all we see being picked up after a huge disaster can be likened to the rapture. This seems more and more like what it is."

"I know this sounds crazy but if bible prophecy is true, and much of it has come to pass, and if the Nordics are portrayed in the bible as angels, then well, wouldn't what we are seeing be like the rapture? This belief is not just the facts of what we see such as the relocations, but also the distinct separation between people that I have seen in the past couple years."

I now want to introduce you to Ann's guardian and lifetime mentor for I m sure she plays a major role in all of this. Ann said, "I have seen my guardian many times in dreams."

As researchers, we call these altered state episodes that are vivid in color and clarity, and are in no way your usual vague dreams.

Ann described her alien companion. "I sense she is a female. Her name is hard to pronounce. She is well over 6 feet tall and very thin in stature. She has golden almost white hair. It is either long and flowing or pulled back into a bun. She wears a white gown with bell sleeves and is clenched at the waist by a golden rope. No she doesn't have wings. Her face is very boney and thin with beautiful high cheek bones. Her nose is pointed like a pixie and her eyes are almost almond shaped and blue."

"She mainly communicates with me telepathically and her voice is very stern and loving. I have heard and seen her while awake and she has helped me during psychic readings. On two occasions she has helped me save someone from an accident when she superimposed her voice into my mind."


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

"She does not appear to walk but levitates slightly above the ground. She is almost angelic in appearance because she emits a golden glow from her body usually around the body below the head. She is a very kind and helpful, maternal figure."

"I don't believe she is an angel per se, but there is something else I can't figure out. I have read this is what Nordics look like and behave like, so I wonder if that is what she actually is."

Ann has had an incredible abduction life. I want to state here that in the annals of all my abductions there have been only a few who that are of her caliber. It is an honor to have met her and do research on her.

Talking about her abductions Ann explained further, "I have had sightings over the course of 16 years, too many to list. Most of them have been with my husband who has been abducted at times. I recall seeing him in my experiences, also."

"We had a sighting together in 2006 but it was in 2007 that we both realized we both had the same bizarre triangle on our upper legs. It is an indentation scar so it does not stick up like normal scar tissue and is a purple gray color. It is about 1/2 inch or 1.2 centimeters and is perfectly symmetrical. It is almost in the groin area. Neither of us know how we could have ever gotten these scars. I would say my abductions are very frequent, at least once a week, up to three times a week. Sometimes a week or two will pass but they have been increasing in frequency for the last several months."

Ann continues to explain her abductions. "I think there are levels of abductions or at least levels of abductees.. With me I have been subjected to sexual experiments, not harvesting, at least not that I am aware of, but mainly emotional and psychic experiments by the Grays. Those are their greatest interest and concern."

"The Grays try to elicit a response and then study that response. However, it ends badly for them for with emotional experiments, I am lucid and eventually see what is going on which hinders the whole process."

"I am convinced "my" Nordic is benevolent. It is hard to explain but I believe she is present during certain abductions to simply oversee the process and to make sure I am not hurt. I feel there is an understanding that certain things have to be done that we don't understand and she is there to watch over me in the process. I have never seen any other Nordics except the same man a couple of times and it wasn't during an abduction."

As for the short Gray type aliens, Ann has seen plenty of them in her abductions. Ann is an excellent psychic and she has put that ability to good use despite the usual social constraints. Ann has been called a witch and an evil person.

About this wonderful talent Ann says, "I have been able to do medium readings for two years now. I can pick up on the energy of a spirit and know who it is without seeing them. All energy has a fingerprint unique to the individual. I have even picked up on the energy of spirits of children that died newborn and some even in the womb."

"I have had instances when the deceased come to me in dreams and give me verifiable information for a certain person, personal and relevant information that I could not know. I have had experience with residual hauntings where the spirit is stuck in one place and lives the same time over and over again. I can see passed events that transpired in a certain place like a window into the past."

Ann also possesses wonderful healing powers. Her ability to do this came about accidentally when her husband stepped on a nail and drove it all the way through his foot. By using visualization and without ever touching his foot, she used her mind to get his foot very hot and tingly at the wound and she was able to stop the pain. The next day the hole in his foot headed and was even gone.

Ann has this to say about her healing power, "I have never practiced Reiki nor have I ever attempted to learn how. I just knew how. I can run my hands over someone and feel the pain as well as visualize it. I am very adept at sensing pain, sickness, injury, and even depression. I have done remote healing the last several years with some success."

"The process is physically exhausting and makes me violently ill at times. Picking the pain and illness off people took its toll until I learned I could release it into the air by shaking my hands which seemed to work. I no longer draw energy from my own self but rather capture it out of the atmosphere. I bet the whole process looks crazy or silly but it does work."

Another of Ann's acquired talents is she is a virtual powerhouse source that disrupts all manner of electrical and electronic devices. I will not name it but there is a long list of things that she has caused to shut down or go haywire. It is an expensive thing when things cease to function or burn out. This unwanted ability is common in some abductee cases and Ann has it in spades.

Then there is the strange unnerving Morse Code effect. Ann says, "Semi-regularly I hear what are like a series of high pitched beeps rhythmic in pattern that will come out of any capable device. I have head this coming out of my stereo computer speakers, baby monitor, alarm clock, stereo, phone, TV. In all these cases there was not any electronic interference. Oddly my dad is the only other person who has this problem independently of my presence."

Ann is truly an amazing woman. She is interested in learning of any others who have gotten this strong instructive message to move. She is happy with her family in beautiful Colorado where she feels safe. It is your important decision whether you choose to believe her or not. It could be a situation where disbelieving her is at your own peril.

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with information about their similar experiences.

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Standing In God's Light - In End Times
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