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Donald Worley: God's Princes in the Universe

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

God's Princes in the Universe

Yes, the human-like, tall, blond haired entities that we call the Nordic-type aliens are indeed Princes in God's universe.

Now I know this statement is going to cause disagreement and revulsion in some quarters, but as a 45 year researcher of the Nordic phenomena, I am firmly convinced that this is the truth.

Of all the different kinds of alien forms that humanity has encountered through the ages it is this kind of celestial being that is endowed with the creative, sustaining qualities of our original creator.

The Greys, Reptilians, Insectoids, Hybrids and all the others lack these qualities of the heart that exist in most Nordics. I am forced to say most Nordics for there are some who are traitors to God's cause.

I have many Nordic cases but before I go to these, I want to clear up the distressful misconception the Nordics are angels. It would be lovely if they were morally pure emissaries of God but such is not the way it really is.

Everyone views an angel as the Biblical scriptures portray them. In the actual drama of our universe and its dimensional inhabitants, I regret to say the accuracy of the truth has been severely distorted.

Sure, there are other personages in other distant constellations who can visit here but it is the Nordics who are the special, indestructible, eternal arm of God as opposed to the vast numbers of other disruptive aliens.

Now I realize that all this may sound very bewildering to you, but please stay with me as I present some of my cases that are the basis for my certainty about the Nordics.

1. The Reverend from British Columbia, Canada.

This brilliant, exceptional pastor has a number of degrees in philosophy, medicine, and so on, and many years of successful leadership of his religious order. One special Nordic that he calls "Gold" is due to the frequent golden sheen to its eyes has been involved in this man's life since he was a child in northern Europe.

This Nordic is a beautiful male figure who dresses in scintillating body suits or flowing robes and has striking eyes that change color with emotion. Gold has frequently abducted the Reverend and at times the Reverend has suffered some minor damage to his private parts.

I spent two months in contact with the Reverend and had many questions for him. The Reverend explained, "You have asked me more than once if Gold breathes. You bet! I've had my head against his chest more times than I can count. Not only have I heard his breath, but I have noted the rising of his chest."

The Reverend continued about this elegant Nordic, "His eyes do indeed blink. Of the few Nordics that I have seen totally naked, all possessed complete genitals though the testicular mass seems to ride up higher. The testicular mass that I have gotten my hands on suggest that Nordics have much more oval testes than a human's and are much warmer than ours."

The Reverend said, "There have been times when I had to go [use a bathroom] and wasn't hooked up to some gizmo that sucked excrement out of me. Their toilet reminded me of an Asian toilet. You squat if you are defecating over a hole-like spot and there is some suction to it so that the excrement goes whooshing into the hole."

So in this incredible case score me a point that Nordics are not spiritual angels but rather are a very advanced form of us after we go to spirit. They retain human thinking and desires. They are not perfect biblically, but they do know all that goes on with us on this troubled planet.

2. Elsie Noah from New Hampshire, U.S.

Elise Noah has had intimate experiences with the Nordics much of her life. Here are her words about her contacts with them.

"My interactions with the blond Nordics started when I was very young. As a small child I remember thinking they were my other family. I have been interacting with them for a long time."

"I've had encounters with them all through my life so it is hard for me to pinpoint any give event as the most important. They have told me on several occasions that I am one of them in human form. They are tall and slender but muscular, with hair so light it is almost translucent."

"There are other hues of hair and I've seen some with black hair. One entity in particular I seem mated to. Yes, there have been emotional bonding episodes. My long intimacy with them makes me sure they are true physical-like beings yet they are what we term spiritual in nature."

"They are not Gods or angels. I have seen them breath in a physical environment but not in the non-physical state for there is nothing to breathe. I have seen them sit down, lie down, have sex, but not go to a toilet. However I have used their stand up toilet."

"I have also been shown the details of the massive earth change coming. In my continental area [Northern Atlantic Ocean coastline of the United States] the sea will come up to the White Mountains."

So here like the Reverend, Elise has also mentioned the toilet. Since she has been intimate with one Nordic, I imagine sex was involved sometime. She has been shown coming disasters and I will be discussing more of that in coming cases.

A prevalent feature about the Nordics is their ability or desire to warn people about cataclysmic disasters.

3. Diane Foster from Southern Missouri, U.S.

Diane Foster is a rural housewife in Southern Missouri who has had a lifetime of alien activity. Here is a description of one meeting with her special Nordic.

"As I lay listening to grandma's TV in the front room, a very tall being appeared at the foot of my elevated bed. He was blond and wore a long white gown tied at the waist by a sash."

"I don't remember his face except I thought he was beautiful. He had white wings on his back that went from the top of his head to his feet. I never knew what an angel was then."

"When he faded, I jumped down from bed and ran to grandma, but she said I was dreaming." Diane did not remember the Nordic's face but she would when in a meeting years later she looked up into the face of one as they engaged in intercourse."

Diane said the sex was fast and furious and she loved him so much she felt she could devour him. As a married woman she later felt shame but had willingly submitted at the time.

Seeing a Nordic with wings is a rare event in the many thousands of cases seen. The truth is the aliens can be great shape shifters or cause an observer to see what they wish. A standard Nordic does not have wings and those that do, are not really angels.

4. Floyds Knob, Indiana, U.S.

In the abduction of farm folk on a farm near Floyds Knob in southern Indiana, the Nordic appeared in a brilliant white beam in the bedroom of the farmhouse. He was resplendent in a robe and on his back were glowing wings that reached from above his head to the floor.

The glowing Nordic took little Eva Cooper's hand and mentally said, "Don't be afraid child, these are mine" gesturing at the little Gray humanoids who were also in the room.

Eva remembers her sister next to her as they went up the light beam into the UFO. The next day military medical personnel and troops arrived at the farm and remained several days. They conducted all kinds of examinations and tests on the inhabitants.

The Nordic type alien stands virtually alone in their affinity to forecast dire, cataclysmic geographic changes coming to Earth. It's a virtual chorus of warnings extending down through the ages from biblical times to ancient Hopi Indians to our present day.

Here are some more notable cases I have encountered.

5. Penny Smith from Ontario, Canada

Penny Smith had a Bachelor of Arts degree and worked for the Canadian Government. She began to keep a diary of her encounters with the tall, long blond haired, alien being who had bottomless blue eyes that were changeable with emotion.

The alien looked human with a handsome angular face and had a soothing telepathic voice that caused an intense feeling and euphoric state lasting weeks later. He would be in skin tight suits or gorgeous flowing robes.

The place where Penny found herself was very beautiful with great flowing fountains and she could not resist the love of this alien man. She was shocked by the terrible destruction scenes that were shown to her.

Penny saw pictures where the Great Lakes located between the Northern edge of the United States and Canada will become greatly engorged and she was urged to move north into Canada.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

6. Melissa from Colorado, U.S.

Unlike our other Nordic examples here, Melissa found herself with a female Nordic. Melissa's mentor was very tall and thin and had a golden haired almost angelic appearance because she emitted a golden glow from her body usually below her head.

Melissa's mentor speaks in a telepathic voice Her telepathic voice which is very stern though loving. The mentor does not appear to walk but levitates slightly above the ground and is a very kind, helpful maternal figure -- a guardian.

Melissa's visions are of a terrible earthquake in southern California in 2010 in the fall. She and her daughter are both shown mountainous waves coming ashore on the coast.

Melissa has also frequently seen scenes of even more violent Earth changes that lie in the distant future. In this she and her husband see a great silver fish which emerges from the sea and starts picking up certain people.

Along the way I have received messages directed to me in two abductee cases.

7. Yvonne from Arizona, U.S.

Yvonne is an abductee / psychic who now lives in Arizona and formerly lived in Louisiana. She is Afro-American with Choctaw Indian Chief ancestry. I have noticed many North American abductees are descendents of Native American Indians.

Yvonne described her Nordic contact and his involvement in my life as an alien abduction investigator and researcher. She said, "X+lan is an Aztec / Nordic who says he is often around you. He is about 6 feet 2 inches tall, muscular, with sandy blond hair and blue eyes."

Yvonne continued with her message for me. She said, "He spelled out his name for me. He would like for you to call on him for information and guidance. He will give any assistance he can. He is proud of what you are doing for they can't approach people like you can. So many need guidance from their God planes of light for their minds are so clouded."

The other time I received important information from the Nordics was on November 24, 1994. My Mississippi abductee named Pamela was surprised when she suddenly received a two page transmission for me.

The message informed me in considerable detail about the coming catastrophic events when Earth will shift on her axis and there will be earthquakes that belie the Richter scale and tidal waves will engulf huge sections of the Earth.

The Nordic message especially described how the Great Lakes will become a channel from the North Atlantic Ocean down through the Central United States to the swollen Gulf of Mexico. It is also said that a series of deep plate subductions will leave much of the Western United States up to the edge of Nebraska a vast sea with only islands.

The subduction zone is a boundary where two tectonic plates collide in the Earth's crust. Subduction zones create geologic formations such as mountain ranges and oceans. Underground movement of these massive plates can trigger earthquakes, tidal waves, or volcanoes as we have already seen in other parts of the world.

This will be the time of the opening up of humankind to the ways of spirit and the extraterrestrials. There have been a great many contacts between humans and the Nordics and I will briefly describe a few more interesting events.

8. Ramona from Tennessee, U.S.

Here are Ramona's exact words about one alien abduction incident involving the Nordics. Notice the similarity in descriptions regarding appearance. "Some of the alien beings I have encountered were what I call angelic. One had the most beautiful eyes and lots of energy."

"The large ship hovered just down stream from the Hobson Pike Bridge. My car was picked up on the bridge and beamed to the ship. An angelic being took me out of the car and he was smiling lovingly and told me this time your soul will choose to stay or go. He then asked for samples of my DNA to carry on my line."

9. William Curtis from Michigan, U.S.

William Curtis from Michigan was visited four times by a beautiful Nordic female whom he named "Angela." On her last visit she brought an entity he named "Topsy." Both Angela and Topsy floated in the air at the foot of his bed for several minutes.

Angela's blond hair was piled on the back of her head and her deep blue eyes were stunning. She wore a lovely form fitting garment. William thought Topsy might be in her teens and a human-alien mix due to her small black eyes.

William believed the reason Angela brought Topsy was because she wanted him to meet his daughter.

10. Shela from Florida, U.S.

Shela from Florida had Spanish ancestry. The tall blond Nordics are like family to her and she often gets messages from them. Shela knows her future husband will be tall, have blue-green eyes, white silky skin, and blond hair.

Shela's blond Nordic friends have let her know they love every living thing so at her house, no animal is turned away. This explains why she has 3 cats, 4 dogs and a turtle.

11. Betty Simpson from South Carolina, U.S.

Betty Simpson believes she has been in an under-river alien base in South Carolina. Her description of the aliens she has seen is similar to all the other Nordic descriptions.

Betty reported there were also Greys, Tans, and their friends, the red eyed apes there at the alien base under the river. Betty saw a military pilot being held captive by the aliens there. The Nordic forces who are close to God oppose what some errant Nordics do.

12. Deloris Mehan from Louisiana, U.S.

Deloris Mehan described altered states where she visits underground structures. She has moved through tunnels and seen short tan alien beings in white coats. The fair skinned, long blond haired Nordics wore loose white robes and never spoke to her.

13. James Rodgers from California, U.S.

James is a teacher who never knew anything about the Nordics or their messages of destruction. In one of his abductions, James said, "I was surrounded by this very bright light and there were blond men in robes."

James continued, "I am positive they were all Jesus-like because I thought I must be in heaven. There were six of them standing around this alter-like table and looking at the top of it."

"A seventh alien approached and mentally said, 'You need not worry about what is wrong with your body. All you need to know is that you were chosen.' Then boom, it was suddenly the end of the dream."

"In the second abduction all these same Nordic alien men were standing around the alter. Nothing was said to me but they showed me a map of the United States and in the Midwest was water running and splitting the nation in two. The water ran from a much greater Great Lakes and covered a lot of the Midwest and down to where the much greater Gulf of Mexico was."

"I think the aliens had blue eyes and were about 6 feet 3 inches tall and wore robes with a rope tied at the waist. They looked like high priests or something. One had a long pole with maybe religious symbols on it," James concluded in finishing up his story.

It is because of these actual true abductions and contact cases that I strongly believe that there exists in God's universe a force of certain beings who are God's own warriors.

Visualize with me please, the incredible, wonderful, glorious second coming of Jesus Christ like he said he would. The princes (Nordics) of his universe will be there to herald him in. Hopefully at that time all the evil we now see amassed here will be defeated and there will be blessed peace forever.

Standing In God's Light - In End Times
Standing In God's Light - In End Times
by Ann Druffel and Armand Marcotte
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