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Donald Worley: MIBs: The Oriental MIB - The Carroll Watts Case #5

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

MIBs: The Oriental MIB - The Carroll Watts Case #5

Carroll Watts was a cotton farmer who lived in the Texas "panhandle" area. He knew nothing about UFOs, and pounded his fist on the first one that landed on his farm, thinking it must be a Government craft. In his second encounter with the large grey cylinder object, he was abducted.

The craft also appeared again later so he got 7 Polaroid photos of it. Watts was seeking some answers about it all from a reliable source so he got in touch with the then ongoing Government financed UFO study at the University of Colorado led by Dr. Condon. He got no answers, and according to Condon the original photo and negatives got "lost." In fact, Condon told him to "quash" and stop talking about what had happened to him.

When Watts later went public he became a national sensation, and he began to receive threats to silence him. Dr. J. Alien Hynek urged him to prove his claims in a polygraph test.

As Watts was driving to Amarillo; where he was to take the test, he saw ahead of him a blue-green Plymouth parked along the road with its hood up. An attractive young woman was standing by it and waved for him to stop. As he stepped out a blow hit him in the neck and he went down.

When he opened his eyes two figures towered above him. They were clean-cut, oriental-looking gentlemen. They were about six feet tall, about 190 pounds, and wore expensive looking dark suits and had on turtle-necked sweaters. They pointed what looked like a submachine gun at him.

Speaking in precise English, one figure told Watts that he would fail the lie detector test or else. About an hour later Watts was very glad to do just that. The following night a big black car haunted the Watts home. Then shotgun-like blasts were heard coming from it as it drove slowly past. Watts had fled to a nearby field and heemptied his M1 Carbine at it without effect.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

In the home his frantic wifewas calling the police. All this was more than enough for Watts and he began to proclaim that his UFO story was a hoax. Later Watts began to have behavioral problems and his brother told me that he was influenced by a stranger who had showed up. Paranoia set in and Watts began to believe that certain people were out to get him. Finally out of mistaken fear he pulled a gunon an officer of the
law. Once upon a time he had been a happy husband and father. Then the aliens came.

From his cell in the Texas State Prison, Watts told me, "The incident cost me my wife, my children, $285,000, my freedom, and myhealth (heart trouble) . Simply because something happened to me that I didn't understand and that I talked about. I think that I would have been better off if I had died in the incident.

Stay tuned for we have come to the incredible last case of Stanley Ingram. Stanley did die and I'm the sole owner of the true facts of his losing struggle with the aliens.

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