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Donald Worley: MIBs: The Oriental MIB - The Stanley Ingram Case #6

Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

MIBs: The Oriental MIB - The Stanley Ingram Case #6

My friend Stanley Ingram, a former judge, city manager, news column writer, is dead. But he and his incredible struggle with the aliens will never be forgotten. In the end, bankrupt, ridiculed, and disillusioned, he died of a heart attack. I have preserved a large quantity of data on his situation (letters, photos, drawings) over the years 1973 to 1976 in rural south-central Tennessee.

It all began when Stanley and his daughter Becky began to watch UFOs from fire towers in the region. At school one day, a jumbled voice began to come in the daughter's head. She was very upset and sought her father's help. Later, when the voice became clear, it urged her to come to the football field. Finally one day she gave into it and at the field suddenly found herself inside a brightly lit UFO.

This was the first of a series of mental summons to the craft where ever it landed. Another local man named David Swanner was also affected in a similar fashion. Stanley himself was never abducted but through these persons, the struggle between him and the aliens ensued. His efforts to understand and cope with it all would end in final defeat.

At first Stanley thought the aliens might be good but the arrival of the MIB convinced him they were not. The two beings that Becky met in the UFO called themselves "Alton and Tombo," and said they were from the planet "Plantos." They wore off-white stick on suits, rolled-edged stocking hats from which a little blonde hair showed, and pointed shoes. They were about 4 1/2 feet tall, had thin necks, small eyes, and noses, and pointed faces.

At home after the event at the field Becky had nausea, headache, thirst, frequent urination, and great sleepiness. She recovered after three months under a physician's care. Later an uncouth New York writer wrote that Becky was having fun having sex with little aliens and was no longer a virgin.

With regard to David Swanner's case, the oriental MIB came in June 1974, when they stopped his car in an alley the second time. They showed him a briefcase supposedly containing $500,000 for the propulsion formula that he had been allowed to copy on the UFO. Stanley had the formula in his safe.

This was the start of several different games the aliens played with Stanley. Amazed and afraid, Swanner sped off in a cloud of dust. The three figures were in a late model black Cadillac three seated auto bearing California license plates. No one was ever able to get the long number.

The beings had big round dark complexioned oriental faces with piercing eyes. All were heavy-set in build, looked about 30 or 40 years old, with thick black hair in the style of "pre-crew cut" years. They wore black suits, white shirts, and black ties. Their voices had a Chinese accent pitched low and gruff, and they spoke in a normal unexcited tempo.

On August 2, 1974 Becky parked and ran into a bowling alley to get away from the limousine behind her. On September 23, Swanner bluffed them out with a handful of rocks he had grabbed at the roadside. They backed up and left.


Photo of Donald Worley, Alien Abduction Researcher

Photo of Donald Worley,
Alien Abduction Researcher

On September 25, Becky discouraged them by brandishing a small chopping axe when they got too close. On the night of February 25, 1975 the black MIB limo flashed around Becky on a rural road. Four MIBs with revolvers jumped out. The biggest of them, a barrel chested being about 5 ft. 10 jerked Becky out of her car. They wanted to know where her father was and where the formula was.

These were really foolish questions in an incomprehensible game. Becky was punched in the stomach then hit in the face knocking her on the hood of her car. Her strange assailants then drove away. When she got home Stanley was furious. He took her to the sheriff's office and also called in friends with guns. The region's law enforcement was alerted.

Early the next day, Stanley took his swollen faced daughter to the doctor. Becky would see the MIB one more time several days later when she happened to look out an upstairs window. The MIB, wearing an old style Stetson hat, was standing in the yard in the rain looking up at her. Everyone rushed out and scoured the area but the MIB had vanished.

I have given you only an outline of these six cases. Clearly, these are counter to the quasi-spiritual, loving guidance convictions held by some researchers and experiencers. However there must presumably be some alien groups who have noble motives.

This we clearly see is not a trait of the ones from the dark realms of existence. In the Brock case, remember the MIB said, "We have people everywhere."

I believe these forces of evil are here in huge and powerful numbers. The Holy Bible scriptures constantly warn of them. They are kept at bay only by the love and truth of our original creator out beyond the farthest galaxy.

Only too clearly now, we see the rising crescendo of Evil in its many forms engulfing our little planet and as the scriptures predict a glorious rescue force will one momentous day appear in the heavens.

Keep tuned for soon we will venture into the world of the Reptile and Hooded aliens. Are you wondering like me, "Why hide in a black cloak?" I've never met a hooded case I liked.

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